Author Topic: Need a Barcelona guide / host!  (Read 765 times)

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Eric Booth

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Need a Barcelona guide / host!
« on: April 02, 2015, 12:21:15 PM »
Hello! New to this forum, hope I'm posting in the right spot.

I'm going to Barcelona in May (hitching from London, on my own) and I would really appreciate it if any skaters could give me a couch and show me around, for a week max. Even if you can just meet for a skate for 1 day, that's cool.

I know it's a big ask, but I'm a sincere guy and I would be so so grateful, I would buy you so much beer.

Thanks, Eric


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Re: Need a Barcelona guide / host!
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2015, 06:56:58 PM »
best of luck finding someone. I posted here months before I went to barca for four months and not a single person took my offer of beer in exchange for temporary friendship. you can meet a lot of cool people at macba