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Re: Your city
« Reply #240 on: November 27, 2009, 01:35:27 AM »
chicagos filled with 6,7,8's    ive only found a few rails and winters sucks.  But they recently put a park under the highway so thats were im going this winter
logan park, filled with dumbfucks and shitty prefab.

I've only been to that park once, and that's because me and some friends I skate with at Wilson one time decided to make an epic trek from Wilson Skate to Logan Square. A bunch of critics standing around at Logan. Looks like a meet-up spot for some of the local fuck ups.

Anyway I'm sure its been done already since Chicago is a major city, but what the hell

Chicago, Illinois
-Population 3 Million

Uprise skate shop- There are a few Skateshops outside of the city limits, but specifically, Uprise Skateshop is your main one. Cool dudes who encourage D.I.Y. and showed me how to put Bearings on my board when I didn't know how. They've been in business for a bit over a decade now, and if you're ever in the Chicago area these are THE people to ask about spots, or just chat random shit with.

Chicago Skate cafe- This is a smaller place right down the street from Wilson skate park. You'll probably see the dude wearing huge Gauge earrings working over there. They are cool dudes, its a skater themed coffee shop, but as of now they aren't authorized to sell any caffeine products, due to some holdups because of the architecture of the building. Its a pretty comfortable place, so stop by and watch some skate videos, or buy something to support their shop.


Downtown Chicago is littered with or near great places to skate. Nice marble leges, and manny pads. Many 6, 7, and 8 stairs(Me and some guys found a 10 stair before). There's the East Monroe Garage gap which is known around town. The vent gap is right behind the East Monroe Gap. I can't exactly remember where it was, but I remember on the side of a building(It might have been near East Monroe) there was a NICE little marble park and I have no idea how I found it. Me and some friends go behind this school called Walt Disney(There are pictures of Disney characters drawn all over). Behind the school there's tons of flatground, ledges, manny pads. There's a little park, in Lincoln Park right in between some apartments with a bench, and some nice little ledge all around where you can get some nice rock to fakie stuff going on. I see a lot of Skaters by the Daley Center as well and in that surrounding area. Just if you skate downtown don't count on being in one spot for too long, but it should be no biggie as it shouldn't be too hard to find another interesting spot.


Wilson Skatepark is the one you can find everyone at usally. Kind of in Uptown Chicago.
Grant Skate Plaza- 90% flat. There's a manny pad that Redbull built, some benches, and some other stuff that really isn't too high impact. Near Downtown Chicago.
Burnham Skatepark- 31st Lake shore drive. Right near the lake. A lot of people in Chicago don't like this park, but I like it. It doesn't flow as well as it could, but there's a pool and some other fun stuff there to do. Easy to practice in, because I've hardly ever seen it at max capacity.

I'm shit at explaining so rather than explain when I have free time I'll Skate around Chicago and take pictures of whatever I find Skatable as I go along.

Chicago is World renowned for its deep-dish Pizza which gives new meaning to the word "Pizza Pie". For Chicago pizza check out Gino's East, Giordano's, Lou Malnati's. For an authentic Italian deli sandwich there's Bari's. Halsted Street Deli also makes a pretty damn good sandwich. Garrett's popcorn is worth a look. Rainbow Cone is also a must try. Goose Island Beer is also pretty good so you should check that out


Jugrnaut if you're into whatever trendy street fashion. Belmont Army is about the same. The Magnificent Mile is worth checking out. The Water Tower Mall if you're into more upscale-ish shopping(Cheapest stores in there I saw if I recall correctly was an Adidas store and there's also a Lids in there). There's a Levi's store down there and numerous clothing and shopping shops strewn about downtown and up North.

That's Chicago in a nutshell. As I said, I'll see if I can get around to going downtown, and shooting some quick pictures of some of the cooler spots around town.


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Re: Your city
« Reply #241 on: December 05, 2009, 03:35:02 AM »
chicagos filled with 6,7,8's    ive only found a few rails and winters sucks.  But they recently put a park under the highway so thats were im going this winter
there's a couple rails. there's a 12 rail right by clemente school. (oviously the clemente rails) bloodbath, walt disney school has a gnarley rail, lanetech, they're all scattered around.


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Re: Your city
« Reply #242 on: December 24, 2009, 04:03:25 PM »
lane tech sucks i live 4 blocks away.  it has a six rail but the ground is complete shit and also has 3 and 4 rails.  but over the  summer the were building a handicap ramp and before the finished it was pretty sick


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Re: Your city
« Reply #243 on: January 07, 2010, 03:33:56 AM »
daytona beach, fl

really.  my town sucks, but here goes...

we have stone edge in south daytona on ridgewood.  it's also a park.  i've only skated the park once, and didn't really like it, but i guess it's not horrible.  they have a pretty decent shoe and deck selection, but not much else.

we also have sandy point right south on the same road.  not bad.  again with the decent shoe and deck selection.

spike's athletic footwear (same road again) is several miles north.  they have some harder to find vans (ie. vegan rowleys) but really specialize in basketball and running, so it's not te best.

after the hurricanes, there was this house that got destroyed and abandoned.  it had a sick pool.  eventually, too many people found out about it, and it got filled with gravel. 

in port orange on ridgewood, we have some ledges that are pretty decent.

also on ridgewood, behind the ice rink in south daytona isn't heinous.

beachside is littered with skate stoppers, but there are some bits of area here and there that are pretty cool.  just takes some searching.

we also have a free park in ormond, but it's bmx territory, so it can get a little scary once the high schools let out.


avocado kitchen is probs our most veggie friendly place.  they have a fucking amazing breakfast menu.  it's on beach street.
peach valley has some of the best breakfast potatos i've ever had, and the fried artichokes are bomb as fuck.  that's in ormond on granada near the beach.
there's a pretty good pizza place in ormond on granada and nova called pizzano's.  probably the best pizza in town (although that's not saying much)
in south daytona really close to stone edge, there's a fucking amazing thai place called songkran.  they can make anything vegan or vegetarian, too, as long as you specify.

other shit
really, all we do here is drink.  or go to orlando, which is way better for everything i mentioned above.

note that if you're in town, just hit me up with a message.  if i'm not down to chill, i'll at least give ya some tips on what to do while you're around.  a lot of stuff is dependent on what time of year you're around.


almost forgot to mention!
thursdays is 50 cent beers at tir na nog (my personal bar of choice) and 75 cent beers at robbie o'connell's (full of douchebags, but they take longer to run out of the cheap beers).  if you're under 21, if you hit the nog with me, you're set.  otherwise they card.  adamantly.
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Re: Your city
« Reply #244 on: February 08, 2010, 11:41:45 AM »
Latvia, Riga

16 year old hungover girls staggering in the streets in the mornings. No skate spots. 2 skateshops,  one of them is almost dead(I will probably get all my next stuff from orchard haha). Small skate scene. No one cares about us. Bad economy. Russians can get annoying (except skateboarders, they are nice people) . Sometimes the temperature falls down to -22, in daytime it's from 14 to -4(Farenheit). Skateboarding competitions where you can win beer and everyone gets stoned or drunk in the middle of the comp. Good people.

I can't believe that if you go a few kilometers up to Helsinki, it's like skateboarding Mecca there, and everyone is happy about everything. Here everyone looks depressed
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Re: Your city
« Reply #245 on: March 25, 2010, 08:32:57 PM »
Live: Radcliff, Kentucky

my local park blows something serious. but a 45 minute drive north to Louisville means a good skate day.

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Re: Your city
« Reply #246 on: May 29, 2010, 08:34:59 PM »
Bumping this thread.

Any Hawaii residents?

Going to be staying at my buddy's place in Manoa (by the University) in Honolulu for two weeks in July. It's probably going to be hot as shit, but I'm bringing a board along.

Any cool parks? Has to be free, no helmets+pads, etc. etc. Oh yeah, snake runs would be nice!

Other interesting non-skate related activities/places to go?


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Re: Your city
« Reply #247 on: June 28, 2010, 05:35:21 PM »
Bumping this thread.

Any Hawaii residents?

Going to be staying at my buddy's place in Manoa (by the University) in Honolulu for two weeks in July. It's probably going to be hot as shit, but I'm bringing a board along.

Any cool parks? Has to be free, no helmets+pads, etc. etc. Oh yeah, snake runs would be nice!

Other interesting non-skate related activities/places to go?
Yeah dude there's a few parks close by.
A'ala Park is the main one, downtown Honolulu, lights at night and stays open 'til 9PM
It's on Beretania Street in Chinatown, you can't miss it.

Makiki skatepark is really small but pretty fun if not too crowded. Not the best obstacles in there but oh well, it's in town and pretty close to where you'll be.
Park is located in Makiki next to the freeway under the Keeaumoku Street overpass.

Both of those places are mostly street-oriented parks.

No snake runs over here though.
If you're more into flow type parks with bigger tranny stuff go east out to the Hawaii Kai skatepark or hit up the north shore and skate the park up there.

Non skate wise stuff, go to the beach, fool!
Also tons of killer hiking spots and hot chicks everywhere.
Have a good one.

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Re: Your city
« Reply #248 on: July 28, 2010, 11:24:09 AM »
Kansas City anybody?


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Re: Your city
« Reply #249 on: October 10, 2010, 12:01:13 AM »
Yuba city ca.

Shitty horrible town, full of tweekers or to be drug addicts, local park is addled with old friends and other burn outs who wasted their intellect and talent on drugs, 20% unemployment rate, lots of racist right wing christians, hicks, horrible cops, people are morons here devoid of any compassion or drive to get anything out of life aside from a job and a bitch and kid. Horrible all the way around. a straight up welfare town.

skating around here can get you fucked up by the cops...

tre killa

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Re: Your city
« Reply #250 on: February 16, 2011, 09:18:27 PM »
santa rosa, northern california

spots:downtown has lots of good spots easy too find stuff, santa rosa notable eight stair in a good amount of vids plus other fun things, montgomery high school lots of planter ledges.

shops:brotherhood boardshop almost 30 years old skate and surf mainly skate now becuase of new owners who greatly improved the shop good shop good selection cool people.

toristy spots:it is in wine country and the guy wrote charlie brown was an sr native and has a neat musuem here


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Re: Your city
« Reply #251 on: March 03, 2012, 04:35:33 PM »

Sussix ledge: 30th+walnut st.
14 rail+CU campus at duane physics building
South boulder gap+broadway and table mesa dr (bike path)
underpass ledge+30th st and Iris st (bike path)
rainbow ledge+Pearl st and 26th (4stair sidewalk gap across the parking lot)
curb high manny pads(long and short)+30th st and Valmont rd

thats a good start

Don't forget about Meta! Theres tons of cool spots on the campus!


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Re: Your city
« Reply #252 on: April 22, 2013, 10:44:05 PM »
Anyone in Charleston, SC?


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Re: Your city
« Reply #253 on: April 24, 2013, 07:09:41 AM »
In Northern Virginia, any slap pals or anybody know spots
Keenan had that special ability to make his switch tricks better than his regular tricks but still let you know they were switch.


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Re: Your city
« Reply #254 on: July 25, 2013, 05:38:01 PM »
Hey guys this is slightly irrelevant but does anyone know if it's illegal to skate in a ditch in Kentucky? There's a ditch that's open to all under a small bridge. There's a sweet quarter with flat on the top, but I've been in trouble before and don't want to get in trouble again with something like "trespassing in a ditch"


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Re: Your city
« Reply #255 on: August 21, 2015, 02:36:05 PM »
I don't know much about the street spots, so I will let Jayme or others fill that in.

Stuff to skate that I know:
Burnside park located under the Burnside bridge, one of the craziest places you will ever skate. Don't be a dick.
Wallride spot (not sure the name) right up the street from Burnside, recent photo of Seth McCullum doing a wall ride nose slide. On MLK.
Pier Park technically St Johns this is the newest city skate park. Home to a huge full pipe and some big bowls, also some granite hubba's on the street course,� it is alright but over run by bikes. Go early and hope no bikes tracks mud though the day before. Check out dreamlands website for photos.
Old Fred Myers way the fuck out on Burnside, chunked ledge, manny pads, fun double sided curb.
Down town has some stuff, push around and check it out, most good stuff is skate proofed, but some gems exist.

Three shops to choose from
Cals- Long time shop, they know their stuff, cater to old school and long boards but carry a lot of new stuff as well
Cals Pharmacy - Shop for the younger "street" guys, super nice people working there. Lots of Nike's for people into that kind of stuff. Right next to the Department of Skateboarding Park which is a fun place to skate on a deary Portland winter day.
Shrunken Head- My shop of choice, run by two gnarly Burnside locals, super cool guys, small selection of stuff but what they have is good. They also threw some good skate jams over the summer. I highly recommend supporting these guys when you can. Also one of their friends "sperm" got hurt and they have been raising money to help him, check them out at
They also put on video premiers from time to time.

Veggie House on I believe it is 2th street in China town, all veggie with a 6.50$ all you can eat lunch buffet, even non veggie folks can't pass up a deal like that.
Voodoo Doughnuts I think it is on 1st Everything from vegan doughnuts to ones toped with bacon, open really late and worth checking out.

Anyway I will let Jayme fill in the blanks, he has lived here a lot longer then me.

And according to Dr. Newton everyone here is a crusty punk hippie heron addict so watch out.

alot of the street spots are spread out through the suburbs of portland.

zoo bomb: starts on the west edge of portland and takes you into the city.
you can ride the max up to the zoo and take a hill bomb that goes downhill for a good 3-5 miles.

aloha huber high school: pretty new spot, has a bunch of differen hieght ledges.

dust bowl: located down in the pearl district, some metal edge ledges and some banks.

whitiker school: a couple ledges that were made by some locals. located in northeast portland.

allen banks: some really good banks to launch out of, there is a prety fun pole jam going out of one of the banks. located in beaverton.

beaverton library: smooth manual benches.

pcc sylvania: rails, ledges, stairs and alot more, its really only skateable on sundays and holidays.

wild life reserve: lots of gaps and stairs, its the spot that rick mcrank ollies 4 stairs and a gap onto a skinny bench and then kickflips off over a gap and 4 stairs.

ross island half pipes: brent and beach own this spot.

there are plenty more spots, i will try and list some more tommorow

I'll fill in the downtown section of Portland a little more

Keller Fountain - roughish ground with some gaps and few manny pads. Lots of water at this spot so have someone on board duty.

Directors Park - newish park with rough granite ground. Couple of wooden benches to manual and a couple small stair sets.

Lincoln High - iconic Portland spot, decent red and white ledges, pretty good flatground and a couple stair sets. Never kicked out but you gotta go after 5 during the week and the high school kids have priority if they need to use the upper for practice or anything.

Esplanade - nice parking lot turned urban plaza right next to the running path on the east bank by OMSI and the fire dept. A couple ledges and manny pads, nice flatground. Almost always a session going on in the afternoon/evening. Never kicked out but watch out for the homeless and drug dealers. Never any problems that I've seen but it's a huge gathering spot.

Unitus Plaza - brick plaza with a marble 5 all the way around the building. ledges around the outside of the plaza but have a big drop on the other side of the fence

South Park blocks 9 stair - 9 stair with a big manny pad to the side of it that is curved. lots of homeless at this spot but seldom kicked out.

South Park blocks marble pad - small piece of granite that you can manual, more likely to get kicked out here than the 9 stair. 5 or so blocks south from the 9 stair

PSU - lots of stuff at PSU. Huge drop, couple 4 and 5 stairs in the PSU Urban Centre (right between MAX stops), PSU tennis courts or soccer field walkway for flatground days, campus security will come if called but don't seem to care otherwise

Food carts galore. There's a couple different food cart areas, one by the max line headed north and one by the street car line headed south.

There are a lot of homeless/druggies in the downtown area.


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Re: Your city
« Reply #256 on: August 21, 2015, 03:04:59 PM »
I'm from Phoenix Arizona, lived here my whole life..

I am pretty curioius to know what slap dudes think of arizona.

Everytime someone comes to visit, they always have to mention two things:
1) Pyramid Country?
2) Does everyone make out?

Arizona has way more to offer than that...
What do you guys think of phoenix, or arizona in general?


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Re: Your city
« Reply #257 on: November 14, 2015, 05:22:32 PM »
I am laughing horrors at the existance of the ANIME TO SKATESHOP, they don't even have Hookups in there.


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Re: Your city
« Reply #258 on: May 23, 2018, 01:42:03 PM »
West Palm Beach/Lakeworth/Boynton Beach

well how to start this description:
 I believe I can summarize this review of a transplant living in the palm beach area and suburbs....
by listing places and spots pros and cons.....

Forgive me to those that are from here and correct me if I am wrong!!!..........You all are so random to see and if I do see you it's at phipps? why the fuck is phipps just the spot?!!?!?!

ok lets start with WPB lots of spots and hilarious mediocre club kids who have settled well with mediocrity in a shithole city. Now I dont want to shit on this place as it does have decent spots terrific skaters at phipps and no bullshit yall got some talent for Floridugh having some mean talent..  continuing on to describe Floriduh in a nutshell if you aren't rich good luck and godspeed you will be kinda bored?! I do know of Lots of dork spots manual pads and loading docks and ledges as I do renegade DIY ledge spots and I DO NOT POST ON INSTASCAM.....
You are in the area I can tell you of some sick spots but as with every spot dont trash it........

Lake Worth hmmmmm well you have Shredshed downtown decent spot to get gear, spots theres a few loading dock/ stage high ledge....... weird water gap but cobbled stone soft wheels needed...... This place is for the LGBT community and older heads. Some spots but no real beef but great for people watching.  Oh and a decent ditch spot but bring your own broom or improvise.....

Boynton Beach well not much there loading docks a few other random spots manny pads umm lots of corny as prefab parks some favorabe some just plain dogshit!!!!! Lantana scooter park And spil and slide Rich kid Park vista.
add more as these seem to come to mind and I am grilling ribs thats right ribs with habanero and spicy cayenne rub..
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