Author Topic: MiniDv tapes to Pc Help!!  (Read 660 times)

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MiniDv tapes to Pc Help!!
« on: August 17, 2017, 08:27:44 AM »
Recently I had just purchased a Vx1 and I've been using it to film for quite some time now, but could never get footage off the tapes because my computer broke. So I had bought a new one, Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming series to be exact, which obviously has no firewire port. So I was looking online to figure the best way to transfer or capture my tapes and came across the Pinnacle movie Studio box. Which is just a form of a capture card to split the firewire connection to a USB. When I got it, since it was bought on ebay it came with version 11 of pinnacle editing software which is totally out of date since they have 21 now. After messing around with it for hours I had realized the capture card itself was only compatible with windows 7, 7.1 and XP but all I had to do( in theory) was update the usb drivers to support this device. Did that, my computer recognized the capture card, but never would recognize(make a connection sound) when I plug the fire wire into my Capture Camera to start to record the MiniDV tapes. I am very frustrated in that I am unsure if I need to buy a newer version of the software? Or if I can just use another capturing software instead. Because ever time I open Pinnacle studios and hit capture it says USB-710(capture card) There is no capture device valid. Same thing with a program called Debut, it says I have no capturing device connected. I am wondering if anyone uses this method for transferring/capturing tapes and know what I might be doing wrong. Do I need new software for it? Is my computer too new to recognize it? Or if anyone else has their own way of transferring footage to a PC(which I Believe is Windows 10 now) please let me know. I wasted a whole day trying to figure this out and anything will help, Thanks in advance!!