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Re: Board sales in 2017
« Reply #30 on: September 05, 2017, 01:32:24 PM »
Never seen a Baker board in France.
Lots of Magenta, Polar, Quasi, ...

in france too and i see baker boards aplenty. definitely has a lot to do with which one of the main distributors your local shop is tied to, though... the way things are run here, it's nearly impossible to find a grey area, from one region to another everybody is guaranteed to be stocked up on either all the big name stuff from the OG cali companies (including plenty of unpopular stuff but also the striving, and in my opinion, cooler skater-owned shoe brands : lakai, sole tech etc...), or, to the contrary, indie board brands aplenty which is mostly cooler in itself but also usually goes hand in hand with nike / cons / adidas accounts etc... all of which doesn't leave much room for authenticity and individuality, i'll give you that