Author Topic: Which skateboard should I buy?  (Read 822 times)

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Which skateboard should I buy?
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:52:20 PM »

I'm a girlfriend to a skateboarder and I've got a few questions I'd like some help with. (I'm swedish so sorry for the bad english)

Ok, question number one: I was thinking on buying him a skateboard for his birthday, but I don't know which brands that are any good.  He's good, but he don't got a specific brand right now, so I don't have anything I'm competing with really. I do know that he likes the team Enjoi in King of the Road, so I was planning on either an Enjoi board, or a better brand (I read for example that Plan B and Element got good boards). So what do you think?? If you got an opinion on a better skateboard brand just shoot, I've got no clue.

Question number dos: I was also planning on re-designing the deck backside (???? Is it even called that?), on my own since I draw and paint, and was wondering if you know which kind of paint that sticks the best and holds for a long time.

That's it! Hope you can help me!


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Re: Which skateboard should I buy?
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2017, 07:54:11 AM »

i will start off by saying that the only girlfriend who ever bought me a complete skateboard is now my fiance! so you are getting a good gift.   

skateboarding is unique in that it is one of the few "hobbies" that still is sustained by independently owned specialty stores.    I would recommend slyly asking your boyfriend what the best skateboard shop is in your area and head right out to them with a full list of questions.  if they are any good they will go step by step with you to help find the best set up for your budget and boyfriend (A skateboard is made up of multiple parts that are not all typically bought as one prepackaged item).

I would also add that there is a difference between "brand" and manufacturer.  There are many brands that use the same manufacturer.  when people are loyal to a brand the graphic and logo are important to them so it might be unwise to paint over a graphic. what you could do is get a large stripe of clear grip tape (the sandpaper of the top) and put a drawing of yours under the clear grip tape you could do the drawing on pretty much any thin surface with almost any paint that way. 

good luck!


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Re: Which skateboard should I buy?
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 05:03:49 PM »
If by the backside of the deck you mean the side with griptape, then paintpens would probably be the best option. But, if you mean the side with the graphic already on it, I think any kind of paint or permanent markers could cover it up. Although in that case you might look into getting a "blank." Mini-logo and Skate warehouse would be good for that. If you plan on keeping the graphic, I'd go with something that fits his aesthetic interests and just ignore the brand.