Author Topic: If you were Quentin Tarantino, who is your Owen Wilson of video parts?  (Read 5090 times)

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that was pretty fucking heavy.

I'm going to stick with the rolling thunder theme and go with this:

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OP, I was curious but can’t find any evidence of Quentin saying anything like that. A google search for “Quentin Tarantino Owen Wilson” just shows this thread and some stuff about Tarantino cameo in “she’s funny that way” which Wilson starred in. What gives?

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OP, I was curious but can’t find any evidence of Quentin saying anything like that. A google search for “Quentin Tarantino Owen Wilson” just shows this thread and some stuff about Tarantino cameo in “she’s funny that way” which Wilson starred in. What gives?

You should try the 2nd most popular search engine next time >> YouTube


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Let me explain further. In an interview years ago, Quentin Tarantino said Owen Wilson is one of those actors he just doesn't like and wouldn't work with. BUT, he did love the movie Midnight in Paris and watches it frequently. So applying this to video parts, which skater do you not like but there's one video part of his that you enjoy.

Mine would be Chaz Ortiz, I typically don't enjoy any of his stuff but I like his Metropolis part and can re-watch it over again, even with the lame song. Those really long grinds/slides stand out.

I completely stopped paying attention to skate media for a few years then discovered Slap around the time I started going on the Thrasher site and buying the occasionally mag again. This was also around the time Torey Pudwill's Hallelujah part came out. I was so floored just by the shit he was landing I couldn't fathom why people on Slap would talk shit on all his crazy back lip combos among other things. I totally get it now.

Def other elements of that part I enjoyed though. Didn't know he was the one to kf front board the Hollywood 16. I mean obviously someone has by now. Didn't know it was  him though.


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Still one of my fav edits, moody but not too overdone. Not the biggest Bledsoe or Tom Yorke fan, but the combination is near perfect, in the sense that I can't imagine this part being any better than it is.

This is exactly how I dressed in 2009, down to the A's hat.

This thread is good and deserves a bump. My pick is Spanly in Made 2:

I didn't fuck with Baker when Baker 3 came out, but I learned to appreciate that video and team a few years later, except for Spanly, whose style I found gross. I didn't like his trick selection and thought he was distractingly short. I also remember thinking he was washed by the time Stay Gold came out, but that probably had something to do with my previous biases against him. But for whatever reason, I started to like him after his comeback and found this part enjoyable.

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agreed. didn't really like his part in baker 3 or stay gold. his TIS part was cool at the time as he was so young and new on the scene, but doesn't hold up as well as some other parts in there. maybe it's partly the presentation but i really liked his MADE part

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This part fucking rules. everything spanky has done since has been trash.

Steve Olson is a god amongst men.
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Pre toothpick.
Love this part.

this part comes to mind instantly


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I can't really think of an example that still makes me feel this way today, but I do remember not being the biggest Mulder fan. This part changed my mind when the video came out but there wasn't any follow-up for him.

But now, in hindsight I appreciate everything he did a lot more, because, ya know, nostalgia.


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can't dislike any part with Dinossaur Jr playing
Agree with both. Add in the fact its Alien using Dinosaur Jr makes it even better.
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 Its weird, Steve Olson would have flashes of sooooper clean style and a Noice trick selection...Then out of no where, he'd have soooper sloppy STyle and sketchy landings. Maybe its the hard tricks that made those landings sloppy???? He was after all, Doing some intergalactic tech shit. That's my theory

Henry Sanchez suffered from the same problem. Both were far ahead of their time with their Bag O' Tricks
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Josh Matthews skating is generally boring to me but this part was pretty sick. This video in general was one of the best.


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  Fabrizio Santos?
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