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Title: Elegant Elliot Auwwwfen
Post by: figureitout on September 13, 2020, 01:56:07 AM

Rooooooooight, Les Moonves is suing you for 500,000,000 dollars right, for grand larceny and misappropriation of funds righhhht, KROC kicked you off the airwaves Roooooight, Clear Channel isn't renewing your contract Roighhhhht?. You're a washed up has been Howard, a rusty nail right. Here are the issues rightttttt?, how about you clean the wax out of your ears roooooight? shut your mouth cuntface right? pant leg is taped off to show my bulging calf muscle right, double definition roight, gangster talk for a nobody now rooooight? my crib, gangster talk for my house roiiiiiiiiight? Elliot Offen roight, get it right, righttttt? Auwwwwwwwwfen rooight