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Title: Agit-pop: Cornelius Cardew
Post by: CorneliusCardew on July 21, 2021, 10:22:36 AM
I love this guy's music. He may not be known to many people but he started out doing like avant-garde music something like John Cage and then he moved on bringing all of that knowledge of classical and experimental music into the popular realm producing agit pop.
Here is one of the tracks that I think is the best from his album Consciously. (

The prisons are filling, but the streets are filling too.
Oppression is mounting, but our resistance is as well.
We're burying the old world, preparing for the new.
Repression was the last act of all the tyrants that ever fell.
   We're not afraid
   We're not afraid of your courts and of your jails
   Millions before us you've martyred for our goal
   We're not afraid
   We're not afraid; your threats are of no avail
   Our victory is near. The wheel must onward roll.
We know the price of freedom is paid in sweat and blood
For every inch of progress our fathers paid that price.
No class could hold back history, do whatever they would
We mean to have our freedom whatever the sacrifice.
The struggle calls for sacrifice, Comrades, draw together now
Let us press on relentless, though the enemy takes his toll.
Every debt will be remembered and paid in full we vow
When the workers are the masters and we reach our Party's goal.
Title: Re: Agit-pop: Cornelius Cardew
Post by: yghartsyrt on August 02, 2021, 11:45:53 AM
not so much a fan of his later work such as the song you posted, but i love treatise. the way the score is written is a beauty in itself