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Title: Indianapolis / Indiana
Post by: streetmeat on October 11, 2021, 04:47:29 AM
Just a general thread of Indianapolis / Indiana for anyone searching in the future. (old threads are pretty outdated)

Indianapolis shop:
-Minus (best and longest standing shop) They have 3 locations now.

Bloomington shop:

Ft. Wayne:


Indianapolis area skatepark:
-Major Taylor: the oldest park, its outdated and if you're used to newer parks, you'll probably hate it. Its only plus is its location to the city.

-Lawrence park: dont bother

-Greenwood/Northeast park: the best closest to the city, about 20 mins south of the city center

Hunger has a slew of parks 45-1 hour around Indy: Nashville, Columbus, New Castle, Bloomington, Kokomo are all awesome.

-Just start at Monument Circle downtown and start skating around, you'll find em.