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Title: Yuma, AZ
Post by: bombsaway86 on October 11, 2021, 09:47:27 PM
Gotta go to Yuma for 20 days for work. Anything worth skating there? Iím probably going to drive out to lake havasu one weekend to skate that park.

Also interested in food, bars, etc if anyone has recommendations
Title: Re: Yuma, AZ
Post by: doublesteveburger on October 12, 2021, 05:36:48 AM
Grew up there and actually might pay the folks a visit while youíre down there.

Iíll drop a detailed post for ya when Iím free after work today. Town sucks but thereís a few gems here and there.
Title: Re: Yuma, AZ
Post by: DaleSr on October 12, 2021, 01:34:22 PM
Is that DIY by the highway still there? My homie and i stopped there on the way back from punk in drublic and hit a couple spots in town that were super fun
Title: Re: Yuma, AZ
Post by: doublesteveburger on October 12, 2021, 08:50:04 PM
DIY is still there but they 86íd almost everything except for these huge block ledges which are super fucking fun to skate.

Are you trying to street skate or more into just cruising parks? Thereís one skatepark in Yuma and itís a certified piece of suck but 2.0 version meaning itís so bad itís kinda fun. Lights stay on till like 11, too.
Thereís two fun parks about a 40 minute drive away in El Centro and Brawley. Diego Najeraís hometown parks. Thereís a couple ditches that are pretty fun as well. If you want photos/directions PM me and Iíll shoot you my number to make this easier. Same goes to anyone here if youíre cruising by.

As far as food goes thereís plenty of great Mexican food. Yumaís like 15-20 minutes from Mexico so thereís plenty of authentic restaurants. 8th street is pretty sketchy but has good taco trucks. Chile Pepper/Mr. Gís Mexican food is everyoneís go-to if you donít feel like hitting taco-trucks. Hit up Jectorís for the best breakfast burritos. Luteís casino has great food also and my ex girlfriend probably still works there I donít know she broke my heart itís chill.

Yumaís downtown area is literally just two blocks with a handful of bars. Redís birdcage is mellow and divey if youíre into that vibe. Redmoon is a video game bar that a good buddy of mine owns. You can probably score coke at The Kress. Drugs are bad. Like I said - a handful of bars so you can hop the entire downtown district in one night.

Youíre also a 2.5 hour drive from Phoenix/Tempe which has like 20 skateparks in the valley.
Title: Re: Yuma, AZ
Post by: bombsaway86 on October 12, 2021, 09:43:48 PM
Thanks for the reply! Didnít realize El Centro was that close, my buddy told me about that park today. I skate mostly transition, but definitely interested in cruising some ditches.

I appreciate the bar and food recommendations!