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Title: Italy spots/parks/shops
Post by: HATE! on January 26, 2012, 04:02:31 PM
I'll be there for 10 days in May.  Specifically in Rome, Venice and Cinque Terre.  I've been to all of the places before, but never with a board.  I know Cinque Terre won't have much, if any, and that's fine- but I am mainly thinking about Rome.  Anyone know of spots, parks or shops? 
Title: Re: Italy spots/parks/shops
Post by: Human Onion on January 26, 2012, 04:19:33 PM
Here's a spotguide for Rome. Use google translate. (

EUR is probably a safe bet with very smooth marble ground and ledges. I say probably cos I haven't been there - I planned to go, but spent the day trying to hook up with this chick instead. Check out the skate europe italy series vice did a while back ago.

Sightseeing for skatenerds: I think Henry Sanchez filmed a couple of lines at EUR way way back, and there's always Gino's gap( nollie backside heelflip in yeah right).