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PHOTOS/VIDEO / Glen Friedman Nine Club
« Last post by OldieButFrenchie on Today at 03:23:28 AM »

Just started watching and it's super promising with him roasting the BPSW era.... ;D
Dude is in my personal hall of fame with his documenting of skating/hardcore/80's hip hop so I'm real stoked they got him on the show. should be a real good one.
Shoes & Gear / Re: Worst shoes you ever skated?
« Last post by Sativa Lung on Today at 03:19:55 AM »
Vans era were like skating a chunk of foam with a sliver of shopping bag glued to it. It did none of the skate-shoey stuff well.

I was running this setup for a while, it can look really good as long there's enough light and the camera has enough weight on it (baseplate/rails/etc) to counterbalance the fisheye up front. But the camera is terrible in low light, and the built-in mic isn't great either. I ended up selling it Ė I prefer the JVC HM150 paired with this fisheye for the 3CCD look.

here are some footage samples with the HC-X1000:

Protip: turn off the 'hybrid optical image stabilizer' setting to minimize vig shake and any weird motions when filming long lens.
And the 1080p60 ALL-I recording setting is where the footage shines the most.

What do you think is the best global shutter camcorder to pair with the FCE9? The JVC HM100 and 150 look good, but they use 1/4" CCDs. Is there something similar using 1/3" CCDs? That is to say, progressive scan, global shutter, and with a lens filter thread around 43-52mm in diameter?
WHATEVER / Re: The Official Professional Wrestling Thread
« Last post by Sativa Lung on Today at 03:12:54 AM »
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Mox bladed at the house show.   I think Iíve gone so far away from it that I might be coming back around

I hate to say this because it's such a fucking "IWC" thing to think, but I kinda wonder if he's not basically using it like a cutter would to replace the booze. I mean he's always been willing to bleed, but it feels like it didn't get to the "at least once a week" level until after he came back from his break. Didn't he blade his arm at some point too?

I think the only time I've ever thought it was cool for someone to bleed every match was the sandman in ECW and that's because he was hard way-ing himself with a beer can with Metallica blasting through the building and half the time it was just a dribble of blood down the middle of his forehead rather than a full gross congealed crimson mask like Mox is doing. It's kind of weird to me because it's not like he's Abdullah who straight up couldn't do much except bleed... Mox can fucking go so it's actually detracting from all these no build matches rather than adding to them for me. Just because you idolize Onita doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to wrestling like him ya dig?

I totally thought the same thing.   But if your top guy is going to insist on something Iím glad itís this shit rather than some kind of Hogan/Nash booking bullshit

Well, better than Hogan/Nash isn't a very high bar hahaha..
Aside from just the turnoff factor I would be super pissed if I was MJF or Jericho or FTR or other guys who properly save it for the big moments. I feel like the amount of blood on AEW is already a big problem in terms of growing the audience in the same way it was for ECW and it's the kind of thing that I wish TK would just shut down. Show some leadership for once. Blood is one of those unique little things about wrestling that can really enhance certain types of matches so it's particularly annoying to see someone effectively hot shotting it and making it their gimmick.

Watched BTE for the first time in a while and just when I thought I couldn't be more sick of the bucks, one of them pops up wearing a Ron Jon hat and a twenty one pilots shirt.

I've been binging Houston wrestling lately... Gino, Jose Lothario, Brody, Spoiler, Mark Lewin etc plus they always had incredible touring talent. Paul Boesch was the commentator and promoter and was known for having the best paydays so guys were always showing up there. Kinda like Houston's own VKM, except Boesch wasn't evil...quite the opposite actually, he was a decorated war hero who survived Hurtgen forest and by all accounts a good, trustworthy dude. I think hes great on commentary, hes got that classic New York accent and uses words like "wallop" and "clatter" all the time. It's a total anachronism but he just has a load of personality ya know? Here's a fun little contemporary profile.

Can anyone guess who the kid with long hair sitting ringside next to him is?

Shoes & Gear / Re: New Balance # containment thread
« Last post by streetmeat on Today at 03:08:17 AM »

i love these on paper but they also scream FedEx uniform vibes
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Hair Loss in Skateboarding
« Last post by Scrotal_Recall on Today at 03:05:29 AM »
Rick Howard
Dill (obvs)
WHATEVER / Re: hiking
« Last post by streetmeat on Today at 03:03:44 AM »
fyi, if you can find female versions of mens hiking shoes you like and the size also works for you, you can typically find them waaaaaaaaaaaaay fucking cheaper. i stocked the hell up on a very specific Saucony trail runner doing this. the color is god awful but who gives a shit

also, i highly suggest everyone try Injini socks, these specifically
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: What happened to Jeremy Klein?
« Last post by Groondor the Orc on Today at 03:02:22 AM »
Jeremy Klein doesn't give a fuck what anybody thinks about him and he isn't afraid to do what he wants to do. I'm not a fan of the hentai stuff, but a lot of people are and it doesn't affect me so let them enjoy it.

Without people like him the world would be a more boring place.
« Last post by brbr on Today at 02:45:27 AM »
honestly getting sick and tired of all these videos skating to generic midwest emo music

even worse when its coming from europe
It's almost a packaging now : midwest emo, P2 Xtreme, skating in the dirt and safety hands will probably get your part uploaded on freeskatemag
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Antwuan 2 years sober
« Last post by radcunt on Today at 02:44:52 AM »
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More than stoked but who the fuck butchered this edit?
yeah that EDM second half gave me delayed fetal alcohol syndrome

If he keeps his body/health in check, he could be putting out fairly low impact footage and ledge stuff for 5+ more years at a pro level. Iíd kill for another part.

Looking forward to his future classic part in Baker 6

dude still has style and a story BUT he's not even close to "pro level" by 2023, he's  flow at very best.

Its nice to know he's doing better but skateboarding kept progressing as he was doing stupid shit all those years, Baker 3 was a lifetime ago

Pro level is any level that people enjoy seeing you skate and want to support you by buying your product.  It's not like some defined metric of dexterity.  Watching Antwuan nollie heel an 8 set is as good as it gets.
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