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Shoes & Gear / Re: Post UPCOMING/RECENT shoe releases thread
« Last post by IpathCats on Today at 05:24:02 AM »
Not to blow up the feed...
looks like cons has a fastbreak color way coming out
Iíll be hyped when the red accented ones LL and Cromer have been skating come out.hopefully they donít have that weird chody toe.

Love the way this shoe skates, but that nylon and cheap ass fake leather is a fucking joke. Literally blew a hole in them in one session. This colorway is rad, but we need suede.
rape isn't a culture its a criminal act. and skateboarding under their context is very much about business not a community or family or any of that bs. my point was I dont think anyone has much to gain from an instagram 'apology'. just treat women better.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Heavy allegations against KA
« Last post by Sila on Today at 05:13:56 AM »
His 'good guy' persona is infuriating and everyone just gobbles ot up on his Insta. Such a coward move taking that apology down too.

PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Ace Trucks "Our Turn"
« Last post by radcunt on Today at 05:13:28 AM »
No fuckin names. The guys I know : BA, Bosero, Jacopo, Ronnie, Max. The rest is I dont Know.

Thats is why I see people complaining pro boards dont sell, people dont know pros.

Yeah, it's infuriating
Shoes & Gear / Re: Ace trucks
« Last post by off on Today at 04:57:06 AM »
With many of the truck madness regulars either not posting or not jumping on these ASAP, clearly they're missing the mark.
not sure if i count as a regular but ace seems to be targeting indys market share based on the information that we have. all the stats in this thread alone confirmed i dont need to spend $65+ on a raw indy. just not happening for me

most venture heads wont give a shit about the af1s. thunder fans seem to be the most wishy-washy out of the 4 big truck brands, im sure diehards (not sponsored) exist but they arent too vocal on slap about only riding thunders. ace might snag some of those people.

the marketing is also shamelessly flimsy. "the most technical truck ever made" should have arrived with hollow or titanium variants. at least the fucking kingpin or something.

trust me i tried to let the marketing work, really. "now its our turn" didnt cut it. you can change bushings in any truck to make them turn better, the pic with the pre-release date 77s and bones mediums said it all for me. if they actually brought something new to table they wouldnt need to advertise with something so obvious. calling yourself a "pilot" seems cool but id need more than that to justify changing trucks.

excuse me if this is a disjointed post with different points, very hungover from last night and disappointed with the news. literally took the classics, added new sizes and some other nonsense, extended the wheelbase, and called it new. lazy isnt even the right word. doesnt even seem like anyone here is really excited, just willing to try the "new" truck and see how it goes. not hating on ace just disappointed that they think im stupid.

the skate tool is the only thing im considering and even that is $20+ dollars. got me fucked up
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Ace Trucks "Our Turn"
« Last post by Swithflip on Today at 04:37:44 AM »
No fuckin names. The guys I know : BA, Bosero, Jacopo, Ronnie, Max. The rest is I dont Know.

Thats is why I see people complaining pro boards dont sell, people dont know pros.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: The fuck is going on over at Bam's?
« Last post by sonypremiums on Today at 04:37:26 AM »
Is bam letting us know that heís been lurking?

is an apology from the craigtap actually going to make anyones day better? it would just cause them to lose money & nobody buying their shit anyway. bummed I had so many of their decks back in the day. but dude already got axed. 9 club is merely an advertising vessel they are absolutely not the kind of people to address this and probably just stoked that their homie the perfect man KA can still get a check

best of luck to the many victims of the yannie creep tho. hope they find peace. should kick off that man child guy as well his dumb smile alone is rage inducing

Just going to express this point one more time as I have in other threads. Crailtap not saying anything is harmful to the skate community. Silence is what allows these actions run rife in the skate community.

It's important to remember that most skaters do not read SLAP, do not know Yonnie Cruz and don't know these things at all, the industry (Crailtap in this case) is profiting off those people never finding out about this stuff which is evidently perpetuating skate rape culture in the process.

It going to cost them to make a stand, but if they don't I think it'll make them worthless in a few years anyway, this place won't forget.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Car wash kid from texas
« Last post by dallou on Today at 04:23:57 AM »
cool guy convention over here
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Heavy allegations against KA
« Last post by GuessAgain? on Today at 04:21:25 AM »
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I just think itís some sociopathic shit to promote consent and rainn when youíre guilty/been accused of not only emotional abuse but having sex with a drunk 22 year old while youíre a sober 38 year old. While also being known as the ďniceĒ guy in skateboarding and promoting vegan and acting holier than thou.

Yep, dude is a sociopathic headcase. Didn't he even admit that the counselor who worked with him and his ex identified him as a textbook narcissist? The fact he has a link to a guide about consent in his instagram bio while failing to take responsibility for having unconsensual sex with a blackout drunk girl almost 20 years younger than him is just sicko shit. Hoping that any other victims of Kenny watching this Yonnie situation go down feel empowered to speak out against him, though I understand the hesitancy to do so because he's clearly a dangerous individual when it comes to women.

I hope Kenny's kids grow up to understand that their dad was a truly awful piece of hypocritical dirt at this point in his life. Cause that's something he needs to be deeply schooled on, maybe he'd listen if it came from his own daughter or something.

The link in his bio is essentially just a taught to his victims.
i hope the exact opposite tbh. a friend of mines dad went to jail for assault on a minor and after a lifetime of lies she finally got court records and found out what really happened. i canít even begin to describe how heavily it rocked her world. i honestly donít think sheíll ever recover fully from it. i hope his kids get a good education on consent and healthy relationships from him bc that level of his conscience exists and they get to live as decent people on their own. itís easy to want him to hurt, but that hurt goes both ways and scars really hard

I do understand where you're coming from and while I wouldn't want to subject someone to that kind of pain, I think to grow up believing your dad is a big supporter of Rainn, women and the subject of consent, while he's actually been accused of rape and abuse is something incredibly messed up. If Kenny gets mentioned publicly by the LA times or anywhere else then he's the soul person who inflicted any pain. I really feel for his family but he's currently getting away with it scott-free, which is a dangerous thing and most likely causing trauma to the first hand victims. Letting him walk away with sponsors, notoriety and that 'skateboarding's nice guy' nickname or whatever whilst the only downfall is his heavy conscience is what will allow these issues to run rife in the skateboarding community and will always be a kick in the teeth to any victims.

My original comment was only made to highlight Kenny's hypocrisy and how (I hope) in a few years this subject in general will be a lot bigger, more widely understood and that the younger generations will school current generations on how fucked up we let things get.
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