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Dicks up for Harambe
Shoes & Gear / Re: Post UPCOMING/RECENT shoe releases thread
« Last post by jay_nev on Today at 01:29:53 AM »
Don’t see what’s appealing about that shoe at all
Its like people word up,but do they ever word down? Or something
well at least she's having an 11.2 oz in the thumbnail, beat dollin girl!

For the life of me, I cannot get used to "oz" ... I always read it like Oz from the Wizard of Oz. Same goes for lbs. Use the fucking metric system you bunch of apes.
Shoes & Gear / Re: Skate Shit you've Bought Recently
« Last post by rocklobster on Today at 01:08:44 AM »
Had to get it being Israeli. Going on the wall.

it would look great on a wall next to these beauties

if the chief rabbinate ever hears about this board Darkstar is going to get the harshest C&D ever, they dont fuck around with people using kosher stamps.

The Shalom-iest of boards, TK bless.
WHATEVER / Re: Dishwashing - Manual or Automatic
« Last post by The Drew on Today at 01:07:59 AM »
my wife does them...

She kicked up a stink that my dish washing wasn't up to par so I just stopped doing them... (I will wash them when she isn't home though)
You dog are you done in there I'm trying to make a sandwich
Yo word up?
Shoes & Gear / Re: Woodshop Directory 2020 Thread
« Last post by BALARGUE on Today at 01:01:20 AM »
Cross posting but the Maxallure deck came a few days ago. 8.75” x 32.5” tape down x 14.5” wb. China wood? Dunno, just a size sticker on top back bolts and round indent at front.

i don't know if Maxallure boards production is the same for US and Europe.
But the ones we have in Europe/France have a big sticker covering the 4 bolt holes that says:

Printed in Canada with deck imported from Mexico

With this combination Canada / US in Europe, i don't see why it would be different for US.
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