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USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Adidas Closing Shop Accounts
« Last post by trashparty on Today at 05:19:22 PM »
Aside from the Busenitz models Adidas is garbage. Nike discontinued the Koston 1 and made dunks unobtainable. They both might as well exit skateboarding because all they offer is hypebeast trash anymore anyways. Shalom.

the 3st.004, Tyshawn's, and Puig's are all great shoes IMO.

i know everyone like to shit on "corporate" shoe companies but adidas has had a skate team for over 20 years. its definitely still wack that they are pulling product from shops to save some $$$ when they definitely would still stay afloat without doing so.

tbh im just salty because i love adidas.

to each is own tho

he came in the USA to take his job!
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Am I being a misogynist?
« Last post by Alois Hitler Jr. on Today at 05:17:34 PM »
sk8 moss
Shoes & Gear / Re: Truck set-ups
« Last post by Mbrimson88 on Today at 05:17:27 PM »
Just set up my first set of thunders. Have 97du aftermarkets for bushings. Has any one experienced their bushings being super soft at first then hardening up as they break in? For 97du these things are super soft.

Quite a few others have said how soft the "hard" bushings feel when they first put them in, from both the Thunder and Indy after market bushings, and I tend to agree, but one thing you should always do is try to wear them in before tightening them down too much when brand new.  Often a couple of really gentle sessions skating will help this a lot, but if they still feel too squishy, I recall some other bushings which come out a bit harder right from go, whether you can get them or not nowdays, but Lucky kegs and Doh Dohs were the hardest, even some other normal 99 duro bushings still feel pretty turnable straight up, compared to some older worn in bushings that harden up a lot over time.

MUSIC / Re: Anarcho/Crust Political Punk Hardcore
« Last post by botefdunn on Today at 05:15:02 PM »
on the lofi end of things. also a melodic warning
does anyone still even buy toy machine products in 2020?

doubt the artist would have made much commission anyway.

but yeah this is wack on so many levels. respect women or ill beat you're ass
Shoes & Gear / Re: Truck set-ups
« Last post by Mbrimson88 on Today at 05:10:31 PM »
Have never tried any of the "light" trucks but am planning on trying either the indy forged hollows or thunder hollow lights. Any insight on either of these would be appreciated.

FYI I've had both indy standard and thunder team trucks in the past and I like them both. Wouldn't say I'm a purist for either.

Both are good for all round normal but slightly lighter skating, to note the Indy forged hollow is only 53.5mm high, compared to the standard which is 55mm high.  Thunder is 52 or so from measuring a set I have, both do the job well.

Shoes & Gear / Re: Truck set-ups
« Last post by Mbrimson88 on Today at 05:07:24 PM »
I hope this isn't the dumbest question ever but do trucks get lower as you skate them from the bushings getting squished down? I've never thought too much about truck height until the Indy Mids came out. I've always just skated standard height trucks.

Truck height cannot really be changed at all, no matter how much the pivot cups or bushings are compressed, the only thing you can do is lift them higher with risers, so given some trucks are actually a lot higher (Indy standards 55mm) and some a lot lower (down to 50mm or less), consider how much you get wheelbite first, eg lower trucks means more wheelbite so you will not be able to turn half as much on lower trucks as you might on taller ones.

That said, if you get them and they feel too low, you can always put a riser in, so it is not the end of the world.

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