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PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Frankie Hill Nine Club
« Last post by JRF on Today at 09:44:23 PM »
What do yall think? I thought he was the absolute shit when i was a kid. Holmes is 51 and looks half as old as Roger

Edit. Just went back and watched his Celebrity tropical fish part and i gotta say it did not hold up at all. I must be suffering from that big ass gap from that one Powell video i can remember in my old ass age.

My first sponsor me video was sent to powell peraltaand I wore the green powell army shirt and red rat bones sweatpants through over half of the clips (full on Frankie ban this kit) I got sponsored of it when I got the letter and a box of stuff from Todd hastings and on the letter todd said Frankie liked the footage I sent in, I was a fucking stoked 13 year old skate rat and that was the best compliment I couldíve possibly imagined back then. Always lived Frankie hillís powell peralta video parts, specially his ban this part.
MUSIC / Re: Today I listened to...
« Last post by supergooch on Today at 09:43:46 PM »
Nancy Wilson and Cannonball

Whole album is golden .

Just listened to this one
MUSIC / Re: Hip Hop Thread
« Last post by supergooch on Today at 09:38:10 PM »
pretty hyped on everything Jay Worthy and Larry June have been putting out .
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Bad Sponsor Choices - Hall of Fame
« Last post by KC_Rookie on Today at 09:32:46 PM »
right but youíre saying all this to drive home your point about people wearing energy drink logos

It was never "defend energy logos", it was about maybe don't shit talk people taking the opportunities offered to them to make a decent living. Skaters are woefully underpaid unless you're a contest killer.
The energy drink logos were never really the point. You could apply this to any of the numerous companies people here talk shit on (Plan B, Flip, Enjoi, Habitat, Powell/Bones, Almost, Santa Cruz, Every truck company but Indy, Every wheel company but Spitfire, etc)
 I knew I'd get kooked into oblivion for speaking up, but I hoped it'd at least be clear I wasn't saying "Energy drink sponsorships are fuckin' tits!"   
Filming/Editing / Re: the skate photography thread
« Last post by supergooch on Today at 09:32:09 PM »
what’s up yall

shot some street / life photography on an old analog yashica I had years ago . had to handle some other things in life and I stopped taking photos , but I’m looking to get a dslr setup to start doing some skateboard photography .

used to have an acc on here and skateperception quite a few years ago . appreciate the last two posts and anyone sharing their insight . hope GAY and the other og folks are doing well .

apologies in advance for the washed ass questions I’m sure I’m going to ask . I don’t have an ig or social media so some of the posts come up as blank - the ones I do see in posts are all ill .

hope to get more active in here soon , just need to get a proper beginner cam and fisheye to start .

Shoes & Gear / Re: Independent Trucks Mid
« Last post by rob on Today at 09:24:15 PM »
Now I have to try a set of the forged mindys

I was grooving with the standard mindys on my krooked 8.38

But a lighter indy mid and xen approved against the top even ace?!
WHATEVER / Re: Problems with USA skateboarding team
« Last post by JRF on Today at 09:20:38 PM »
Another sexual harassment/assault coming USA Skateboarding? We are one Olympics in and already two big scandals with this org?

The USA Olympic skateboarding team is shaping up to be an all star roster

Brian patch
Neal hendrix
That pedo filmer for create skates (or whatever itís called
Daryl angel
Al Davis

Who else am I forgetting?
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Bad Sponsor Choices - Hall of Fame
« Last post by wane brady on Today at 09:17:28 PM »
right but youíre saying all this to drive home your point about people wearing energy drink logos
WHATEVER / Re: The Weed Thread
« Last post by IusedToSkateMore on Today at 09:15:22 PM »
Expand Quote

that's exactly what I was thinking, tell us some deets on the XJ. Most Jack I've had lately is more fruity, and I've never had G13.

So from what I remember there's basically 4 main phenos of Jack. 3 of them are what are considered the standard sativa leaning terpinoline/myrcene heavy Jack, and then there's a more indica leaning one. The one I get is the Citrus, fruity one (thats also what I consider "true Jack") as well. When I was reading reports on xj-13 they mentioned that it had a citrus and pine nose so it's possible they used one of the other phenos or it might just be a result of the breeding.

I really want to try Jackie-O too. I figured out that it's the secret sauce in one of the strains that I love but hardly ever see here.


I'm always intrigued by those high CBD strains. Does it feel like a more "full" high?

Edit - 3 new Chems on our menu since last time I looked. One is chem 91, one is chem 4, and one is just labeled chemdawg but from the terps I'm guessing it's either original chem or chem D. None look exceptional but the 91 is on sale so I may grab it.

I'm kicking myself for not grabbing Alien Dawg last time I saw it. It's buy on sight from now on, Alien Tech + Chem genetics has to be out of this world.

Something that made me laugh when I remembered it re-reading your report, the "dawg" part of chemdawg apparently came from an earlier name they had for it. They called it "dogbud" because it made you so high you'd roll over like a dog haha.

I already have my next eighth picked out. The dispensary that gives me the crazy discount released their house flower a few months back and it was high thc but low terps and just kinda meh. The second batch is starting to hit now and it looks way better, so I'm going to try their blueberry muffin just to show some love for them always hooking it up. I was blown away by how good that strain tasted when I got it from a different grower, so it should be a good reference point.

i don't even know if it's a high CBD strain, it's skunk#1 X an unknown west coast strain. I think y'all are thinking of Harlequin which is a CBD strain. Got me ripped either way. tastes clean, leaves the room smelling like good weed on the exhale.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Bad Sponsor Choices - Hall of Fame
« Last post by KC_Rookie on Today at 09:10:06 PM »

this is quite the impassioned defense for wearing soda logos on your shirt

I dunno if you're intentionally missing the point.
It's not an "impassioned defense of soda logos".
It's an answer to people trying to pigeonhole skateboarding into what they think it should be, ignoring that not everyone shares your beliefs and can genuinely enjoy it in a completely different way than you.
I'm not even a fan of energy drink sponsorships, and I sure as shit don't drink them.I'm just not salty about it either and it doesn't affect my enjoyment of skateboarding in any way, shape or form.

EDIT - to clarify, I agree with a degree of gatekeeping in skateboarding. But only in paying your dues actually skating.
When it gets into "oh and you also have to love these brands and hate these brands and wear these clothes but never wear these clothes..." that's when it get's into the territory of everything I started skating to get away from...
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