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Shoes & Gear / Re: Emerica containment thread
« Last post by DarkPools on Today at 02:00:24 AM »
If Emerica stuck to a handful of models, I'd recommend the lineup to be something like this. Bin/halt almost every other model/variant they have. Then, keep simple colors and stop making stupid piss beer colorways. More tonal/seasonal color packs. Fewer models with more focus on productive riders and specific retros done right. All easier said than done, I know.

Laced (with the padded collar)
Figgy G6
Spanky Hi G6 (or no G6 if they can't do G6 in that one)
Wino G6 Slip (Vulc & Cup)
Omen Hi or Winkowski (can't have both imo - maybe swap either of these with one below depending on how the launch of Winkowski goes)

Provost G6
Tilt G6 Vulc
Hoban (maybe swap this for one of the regular models above depending on how the launch goes)
Skater (Leo)
Experimental models/collabs, etc.

Honorable mention for regular line up: KSL G6 if they weren't planning on dropping it completely :( Such a great shoe like Reynolds G6, but shame it didn't catch on with people...
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Alan Bell in "ab"
« Last post by OwlGreen on Today at 01:47:16 AM »
Part is oddly reminiscent of Steve Olson's with the Donovan song. Tentacles of Destruction maybe? Both very good parts.

Are these Capri pants? Is Baca also rocking Capris?
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Everyone gets sent to hell when lenni preaches.

I could imagine an awkward energy between a very relaxed Richard Mulder and over zealous and insane Lennie Kirk during such a meeting. In between non coherent rambles, christian chollo rapping and his hell fire preaching. he should end his sermon with his prayer he does before his part in Time code. Quit sinning - escape hell. I am in for it.  8)
Iím half way through: he needs to higher some to curate his trick selection. Also, how can you be that good at holding nose slide tricks and yet only do an inch-long tail slide on a ledge?
Filming/Editing / Re: The HD 4:3 thread
« Last post by 35mm on Today at 01:36:20 AM »
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Rainbow vignette looks like the 7Artisans 4mm I recently got, available for MFT and various APS-C mounts. My bet is on GH4 plus that fisheye, though it doesn't look quite as bubbly so I am not sure.
Pro tip about about telling apart fisheye add-on lenses (fisheyes that you put in front of your camcorder lens ie mk1, mk2, xtreme,Ö) and fisheyes for dslr or mirrorless cameras. The latter produce a much sharper, clearer image, particularly on the corners.
That makes a lot of sense, though with circular fisheyes like the 7Artisans 4mm youíll have to crop in a lot and things wonít look as sharp especially when filming at 1080p.
Thatís actually a very good point and what I feel is the main drawback of the 7artisans 4mm, the meike 3.5mm and the laowa 4mm. The image circle is so small that one has to crop a lot of the footage to get a reasonable image. On one side you end up losing a lot of the quality (especially at 1080p) and on the other side it is difficult to know on camera how will the footage look once cropped.

It will be great if they released a similar lens but with a bigger image circle, more suitable for aps-c and full frame sensors.
Shoes & Gear / Re: Post UPCOMING/RECENT shoe releases thread
« Last post by JugeL on Today at 01:35:21 AM »
Why are they copying etnies by giving people signature shoes? Pretty wack
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: John Shanahan's Double Down Part
« Last post by OwlGreen on Today at 01:33:13 AM »
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Pappalardo ss flip 0:19

Pappalardo also ss flipped the over rail in Mosaic that Shanahan 3 flipped over in this part.

Thanks for posting that. When I saw that spot I was trying to remember if that was the same one Pappalardo did a sw flip over.

What else has gone down? Did Rodney Torres frontside flip it? I vaguely remember a nollie backside 180 at some point. Maybe Akira? Did Mark Suciu backside grind the rail coming from the steps recently? I might be wrong on all three counts.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Tom Know Atlantic Drift 2023 Part
« Last post by brbr on Today at 01:18:59 AM »
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Whatís the opposite of Ďa tragicí??

That fakie flip in that freeskate mag interview in Mile End is insanity

If thatís in the part and he rides out all the way to the bottom, I think my head might explode.
Each noseslide trick was incredible in its own right. However when theyíre all put next to each other, it becomes ass.

I thought Dollin wouldíve known better and left 75% of them on the cutting room floor.
I see Anti Hero as a bowl/DIY skater brand like Creature but also a southern Californian street skater brand. Just like John Cardiel wearing trucker hats, cargo shorts with withe tall socks. Love the style and I tried to copy it as a teen.
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