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To honest Nine jah can buy Plan b and join to the team. But nobody want him.

Good for him.  It's not easy getting back into it.  Made me smile. 
Interesting that Disorder Skateboards is registered ONLY for clothing and not actual decks? I looked up Leo's register for Glue and it's specifically says "Skateboards , Skateboard decks".

He's won it all and done it all. Dude's skateboard company is post-skateboard.
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eishhh that bit where they sign that young girls boobs is definitely not right. They got the oldest guy on the trip to talk on camera about it, then Heath gets in the car with her and shuts the door... Then they actually put the clip of her showing her signed boobs in the final edit.

If only Rodney was a bit older and wiser, maybe he could've sensed it was off

In one of the old Big Brother videos Rob G was messing around with 16 year olds overseas, but maybe the age of consent is different over there.  Kenny Reed was known to be taking part in those liberties as well. Either way thatís strange and Iím absolutely sure that was pretty rampant amongst pro skaters and it probably still is.
WHATEVER / Re: The Official Kamala Devi Harris Inauguration Thread
« Last post by EdLawndale on Today at 04:08:42 AM »
Willie Brown had been separated from his wife for 10 years when he was in his year-long relationship with Kamala.

Not much of an "affair"...
I hope Sinner is the guy calling shops and trying to sell this
You seem to have your back foot on the toe edge of the tail, your boards wants to go backside and your body counters this by going fronstside, try to ollie with your (back) toes in the middle,close to the edge of the tail (end of your board),

Edit, also, try keep weight evenly centered between legs. Lift you back leg but dont jump from one leg to the other.
Filming/Editing / Re: The HD 4:3 thread
« Last post by Chatbot on Today at 04:03:01 AM »
Anyone bother to try this vx1000 external mic?

I'd rather hear first hand experience from someone here than rely on the ads from the company.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Who are the most athletically gifted pros?
« Last post by zahed on Today at 03:54:26 AM »
TJ, ishod, puig

sebo is a sleeper. read somewhere he was incredible at soccer but chose skating.
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