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Shoes & Gear / Re: Sale Gear Thread
« Last post by Mbrimson88 on Today at 02:32:46 AM »
Back on topic, Impact skate shop is having a sale on normal pro Vans until they sell out, getting ready for the new skate range.

I am more stoked on those current colourways and the shoes fit fine to me, but I am interested to see how the new skate range fit and wear too.

the face zoom will never go away. in fact, it will be used even more than it already is. every clip in every video will start and end with a facezoom. it will get to the point where skate videos wont show skating anymore, just the entire clip is the skater's face. full length videos will be nothing but face zooms.
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Some tricks are safe: ollie up and I'd say like kickflips. But if there is a countable number of any trick, idk I'm like damn what is up with the varial heel? Obvs there's exceptions to be made, Kalis can noseblunt as much as he wants.

a limited bag is not neccesarily bad trick selection though - id rather watch a dude who does 4 tricks really well than a dude who could do any trick but chooses to do nollie double flips

You like been William's?
no but what a great typo
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: 2021 unpopular opinion thread
« Last post by Mystical Leader on Today at 02:30:20 AM »
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I don't like sour skateboards mainly because it's a parody brand. The team is amazing but I'd wish they would skate more somewhere else than Spain.

Anything youtube is extremely corny except Send Saturdays.

Funny how perception can be so different. I think sour is one of the sickest companies around atm and sour solution II was maybe the best full length Videos in the last year


Yeah I wish they skated some interesting. Where is all the socal footage ?
They came to Guatemala and have quite a few clips in Sour Solution 2 from here, as well as from all over Europe, you trippin G

Barca, socal, china footy it's all been done to death and I'm good not seeing those spots ever again in skate videos..

It's just not my scene so whatevs..

Also my main grief with sour is their branding not the skateboarding.

Shoes & Gear / Re: Which Bushings R U Running?
« Last post by Mbrimson88 on Today at 02:29:06 AM »
What durometer is the Indy stock bushing? That’s what I’m riding but I have a pair that needs an update.

Almost all normal current trucks are supposed to be 90 duro, regardless of the colour, the only ones seemingly harder were the dark deep red, almost burgundy colour that were in some pro versions, but I cannot remember which ones, something that had a lot of black on them though.

Stock bushings are a touch softer, but still work fine, if not better as replacements and come in red 88 soft, orange 90 medium, blue 92 medium hard, black 94 hard.  There are white 78 super soft and yellow 96 super hard too, but you would not need to worry about those.

Shoes & Gear / Re: FA/Hockey Shapes
« Last post by Mbrimson88 on Today at 02:24:50 AM »
"Drill in the back truck" might not be wanted as a comment, but I know it has worked for some people on some boards to great success.

If you have any six hole baseplates of any brand, even just put the back truck through the far end holes, do it up and see if the angle of kick is too weird, otherwise you can drill it out at that which is about .38" which will reduce the wheelbase and give you a better ending.  It doesn't weaken the deck at all either.

« Last post by Sila on Today at 02:21:05 AM »
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Jeans with patches of bands you don't actually listen to sewn on them.
I'm starting to see it happen and its snowballing.

Getting hung that people accessorize with "bands they don't listen to" in 2021 when those kids can (and do) google and stream literally anything ever recorded
this is blatant poser shit. I remember this one time I saw this semi hippy skater with a sick Satori wheels shirt at a park. I told the told the dude that his shirt was sick after he gave me a little fist bump for landing some trick. He looked confused, so I said again “your Satori wheels shirt is sick”. Dude looked me in the face and said “I just found this at Arc and I thought it was a band, that’s cool that they make wheels too”. I looked at his set up and he had fresh bones spf.

White hippies should just be cancelled in skateboarding 2021

What about brown hippies?
« Last post by backagain420 on Today at 02:09:36 AM »
Bree is a bad bitch.. I love her. And Fabiana is cute af.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Parts with great fits
« Last post by Bob Dylan Jaeb on Today at 02:00:41 AM »
anything Richie Jackson, Ben Kadow, or Jeffwonsong
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