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Shoes & Gear / Re: Are footprint insoles worth it?
« Last post by ish_wav on Today at 05:51:59 PM »
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Absolutely worth it. Been riding them since you had to inject water into them to activate them. I havenít had a heel bruise in ten years. Joey sucks but the insoles are leagues and leagues better than anything else out there.

I posted this in the insole thread but figured Iíd share in the FP thread too.

Been riding footprint insoles since you had to inject water into them. With that being said, they changed their formula to this cheap dense foam and itís uncomfortable and awful. This is speaking on their king foam elite insole. My feet were literally in unbearable pain after wearing them at work for 8 hours. Not sure if I got a bad pair or what but that was my experience. I reached out to FP and they were going to send out a different pair but then they ghosted me after I told them I wear Janoskis/Blazer GTs. Weird

I did give them another chance and I bought their new ďaction sports gelĒ kingfoam high and that one is much more similar to what Iím used to and three days in feels pretty much like what Iím used to. So take that as you will. Iíd stay away from any of their gamechangers and newer kingfoam pro insoles

I mean. It makes sense to me. Should have asked if they could find it in their heart to send a pair of shoes. Visual confirmation of new products by cohorts is good for business.

Monkey see monkey do. I haven't tried um because I haven't seen um for sure. Only the loss of the 808 model will get me to take a chance on anything now.

You don't need an insole with those. I can rock daily for anything too.

Well I donít skate cupsoles and Iím going to keep skating Janoksis until I canít lol. If youíre skating a chubby ass shoe like an 880 or 1010 you donít need an insole so Iím not sure why youíd throw in your 2 cents on this thread. Aftermarket insoles are typically going to be worn in a vulc shoe.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Swampfest 2024
« Last post by MintySandwhich on Today at 05:49:54 PM »
« Last post by MintySandwhich on Today at 05:47:36 PM »
using clowncore in a skate video gotta be NBD

Just started diving into this band and recognized it immediately. Was impressed because I wondered if it would ever fit a skate video. My question has been answered.
Shoes & Gear / Re: Post the shoes you're wearing.
« Last post by chronicbackpain on Today at 05:47:24 PM »
Tomorrow, I am going to Walmart to choose out new skate kicks. Will post once I get them!
Scroll down and find a shop in your region. If you canít commute, most shops deliver.
« Last post by FatGuy92 on Today at 05:42:33 PM »
Crazy ass lineup for a 7 min edit. Sure might be throwaway footy but itís sick for what it is and Iíll never complain about more KRod footy
Skate Questions / Re: What obstacles are you afraid of?
« Last post by MintySandwhich on Today at 05:40:49 PM »
Damn all of these are good ones. But as I was reading these I tried to remember my last good slam. Then I remembered .

Fuck bombing hills. That shit is scary and easy to get fucked up on.
« Last post by radcunt on Today at 05:38:34 PM »
Came in here to say I really wanna try AVEs next as they seem sick and i'm trying to find my cupsole.  Vans vulcs are still the best feeling shoe, but a bit hard on the feet, so maybe the AVEs are the golden ticket.
Shoes & Gear / Re: Skate Shit you've Bought Recently
« Last post by JM on Today at 05:36:31 PM »
I ordered some boards from Baltimore Board Brewery

Had an email exchange with Jim, and He was great. Customer service one point. The original graphic I sent was too dark and did not print well. He ran the graphic and emailed me to say it looked like crap and didn't meet his product standards and offered to rerun it for free if I lightened up the image. I know other printshops would have just said fuck it and shipped them with no explanation.

Not only that, but he accommodates for small runs, AND exposed stains, which is not something other shops let you do with small print runs and I never knew why. He also honored my requested pink board and did top graphics for free.

South Central Boards

If you like to run your own graphics like I do. BBB is probably the best option.
Could you post their website please? My googling skills failed me.
the struggle is real though. i like the middle ground, like 93 denim, and i try to stick to a similar fit all the time.
I really like 92s and 93s, but get self conscious with that little dude on the pocket as i'm definitely too old for that shit, but they're the best for skating.
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