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USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: A brand which you support
« Last post by CHONGO on Today at 07:26:44 AM »
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: kader of baker
« Last post by veritas on Today at 07:25:22 AM »
I confess that would hate him less if join FA team. But fat bill project seems forced and fake to me, dude just take kids below 18 and made a brand in his terms. Looks like a Boyband manager trying to make money.

That whole team is FA overflow, all those kids were riding FA bloards beforehand except for Kader

The irony of this is that Fat Bill actually has a more successful and better track record for developing talent than Reynolds, especially present day, if anything Kader is better off on Violet career wise by a country mile
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: post you skating
« Last post by skatesum609 on Today at 07:23:54 AM »
Clip from this morning of a little bump to wallie. This was a fun one
Shoes & Gear / Re: Which Bushings R U Running?
« Last post by rikki on Today at 07:23:48 AM »
What's the consensus on ace classic bushings? Haven't tried my aces out yet but I have them set up on a fresh set up. I usually ride bones hard in my indys. I changed out the top washed to a flat washer instead of the cupped one but I also have at my disposal a fresh set of Indy orange bushings and another set of bones hard bushings.

If you find the Ace stock bushings (medium) too soft and surfy, try the Ace hards. They are evenly amazing if not better. They have the awesome Ace turn but have more hold and stability.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: tanner van vark rough cut 3 seasons
« Last post by backside_frontside on Today at 07:14:52 AM »
The 50-50 up to backside 180 switch 50-50 down was fucked up. That seems really dicey. Lots of other cool clips to. Switch hurricane was sick. But yeah he doesnít wear trendy clothes so he must be generic lol.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Franky Villani's "417" New Balance Numeric Part
« Last post by rocklobster on Today at 07:14:30 AM »
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Franky <3 <3 <3

that was great from start to finsish. Well deserved with the shoe. Shame he's still on primitive. Would love to see him on a more fitting brand Ė not sure where though. Limosine, Worble....

Nah I like him on primtive . Why yíall want this man to make less money! Primitive prolly pays good and Prod has taken good care of Franky catering to his style with his graphics and shapes. Thatís pretty rad , would he fit better else where ? Maybe but dude produces and his sponsors treat him better than any of the smaller brands could ever.

Yes, I completely agree. Seems like heís homies with the primitive guys too and that counts. I donít know anywhere else that would give him that kind of creative control.

Side note, itís so awesome that all his sponsors have backed him so hard and given him what he wants. Between primitive, the dickies clothing line, and now a pro shoe (with multiple colorways before this), heís being taken care of and thatís fucking sick

His Primitive Egg shape is never in stock too, all the other riders and even the Rod-Father himself has decks on sale. Think he makes decent money off deck sales.
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Still waiting, post a fit in your sweet jorts.

Keep waiting.

Maybe put some jorts on to make your wait more comfortable.

And tell me again how you would say something about ishods jorts if he was in the same room as you. Hahahaha
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: A brand which you support
« Last post by WorldsbestWeedsm0ker on Today at 07:08:37 AM »
Tommy h
Personally I like a relaxed fit pant, maybe a little on the looser side. I just feel goofy with huge baggy pants on. Also I feel like I skate better with relaxed fit pants on. Skinnies are usually too restrictive and uncomfortable and baggies are usually too heavy and drooping over your shoes and heels. Also like mentioned above good underwear and socks (I like Stance Baseball compression socks) are essential for topping of the kit.
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