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I feel like my quiver has gotten a bit more refined as of late. Still trying to escape the madness and consolidate to one or two boards. Was fun to try a shitload of different stuff out in the 8 months since I started skating again though.

Wheelbase: 17.53125"
Deck: Uma Landsleds - Evan Smith Remnants Headroom shape 8.625x32.5x14.5” (BBS) + Jessup
Trucks: Independent Stage 11 Forged Hollow 149 8.5" W: 355g H: 53.5mm (+3.03125”) + Independent hard 94a bushings
Wheels: Spitfire Formula Four Conical Full 99a 54mm Width: 34mm Patch: 22mm
Bearings: Mini Logo Series 3 + Fireball 10.2mm spacers

Wheelbase: 18.125”
Weight: 2,440g
Deck: Powell Peralta - Iridescent Bark Mantis (Levon Biss photo) Flight Shape 245 8.75x32.95x15” N: 7” T: 6.75” (Skate One) + Jessup
Trucks: Royal Ultra Light 159 8.75” H: 52mm W: 338g (+3.125”) + Bones Hard 96a bushings + Krux small top/bottom washers
Wheels: Spitfire Formula Four Classic 99a 52mm Width: 32mm Patch: 15.5mm
Bearings: Mini Logo Series 3 + Fireball 10.2mm spacers

Wheelbase: 18.0625"
Weight: 2,830g
Deck: Madness - Grasp 9.125x32.6x15.13" N: 6.625" T: 6.625" (8.5" at rear trucks) (Dwindle) + Jessup + New Deal rails 14.5x0.75"
Trucks: Independent Stage 11 Forged Hollow 169 9.125" W:370g 53.5mm (+2.9325”) + Independent hard 94a bushings
Wheels: Speedlab American Nomad 97a 56mm P: 23mm
Bearings: Bronson Speed Co. G3 + Bronson spacers

Wheelbase: 17.875"
Weight: 2,872g
Deck: Crailtap - Midday Rainbow G041 Phawt 9.125x32.625x14.75" N: 6.9375" T: 6.7375" (8.75" at trucks) (Dailan Huahong) + Jessup Ultra
Trucks: Independent Stage 11 Standard 159 8.75" H: 55mm W: 364g (+3.125") + stock 88a bushings + 2x Independent ⅛" riser pads
Wheels: Powell Peralta Rat-Bones 90a 60mm Width: 44mm
Bearings: Bones Reds + Fireball 10.2mm spacers
Shoes & Gear / Re: POLARIZER THREAD (60s/70s style boards)
« Last post by thanksgiving on Today at 03:53:41 PM »
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Went ahead and re-set up the PS Stix deck (red wheels), since the wheelbite was legit on the BBS (green wheels).

Put my JOGGER Sure Grip roller skate trucks on the BBS, since the truck has about 3/8" more axle height than the
ACS trucks. Switched over the Powerdyne 82A bottom barrels on all trucks, keeping the 78A top barrels.

The BBS now doesn't wheel bite on frontside turns, but feels completely different than the OG deck. I think I prefer
the OG, it's lower to the ground and can turn super sharp in a pinch.

But my foot does like the flat of the BBS, it's easier on the arches for sure.

Ultimately, I think I like the PS Stix better. It's more unique and once you get accustomed to the convex, it feels much more

I used to give so many friends shit for being so meticulous about their setups and which woodshops their decks came from, and now I understand.

I've never ridden a PS polarizer, but i am in love with the shape/flex/feel of my BBS. I dont think i would like a more exaggerated shape but who knows? I'm quite happy with my purchase however. I cant decide whether you throw some stickers on the bottom and have my lady use her art skills and paint pens on the grip, or just to leave it all clean and blank. I gripped the whole top with jessup, no cutouts or bolt holes since i used wood screws.
i feel like a basic grip job is breaking some unspoken polarizer rule!
adore george’s center stripe
MUSIC / Re: Today I listened to...
« Last post by ihatejulio on Today at 03:49:15 PM »

this is 100 percent going to be used in a part soon. so good. 
Shoes & Gear / Re: New royal trucks
« Last post by big_kev_215 on Today at 03:48:15 PM »

Took this picture to comment on it being a pretty random sponsorship.  Realized someone already posted it.  But I put in the effort to take it so whatever.

Is Zach Allen the only non-Crail rider of Royals?
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Suciu goin' through some shit?
« Last post by jgonzalez on Today at 03:43:01 PM »
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Maybe they just hate Mondays. 

Fuuuuuuck this one made my fucking day ahahaha!!

Too bad Marcus Aurelius never got to eat a good lasagne since tomatoes hadn’t made their way to Europe yet

Imagine being the first Italian to mix your Mozzarella and some basil with this new exotic fruit. Mama mia!
WHATEVER / Re: Wordle
« Last post by Madam, I'm Adam on Today at 03:42:33 PM »
5/6 today .. they are making up words now

5/6 as well. That’s an old word.
WHATEVER / Re: Wordle
« Last post by straight on Today at 03:40:14 PM »
5/6 today .. they are making up words now
« Last post by whitemanjazz on Today at 03:38:25 PM »
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John wall is a clipper  ;D i can't wait to see him and pg play together

super curious to see how he looks, dude hasn't played in a real game in like 3 years(!). and will he come off the bench behind reggie? might be a thing

clippers roster pretty wild, plus they still have the ability to flip marcus morris/luke kenard into another piece. hopefully the clips stay healthy next year, everyone been waiting to see what they can do at full strength

Which was probably best. he’s completely healthy….

Wall could’ve raised all kinds of hell or been a locker room pain. But did what was asked. This was best for both sides. Now he can play in meaningful basketball games vs stuck in a rebuild…


Come on, don’t you want to see this after EVERY Eric Gordon drive? Lol

Shoes & Gear / Re: Miles Griptape
« Last post by BartHarleyJarvis on Today at 03:30:11 PM »

I've been skating this deck with Miles for a week and a half. It's been hot here, the other day it "felt like 122" according to The Weather Channel. Jessup bubbles and peels, Mob eats shoes worse in the heat, and it seems Miles separates into layers. The board hasn't been hit on a ledge to cause the separation, as the concave and kicks are fairly steep on this deck. I have to be conscious not to rub my feet into the grip or it comes off. The grip on the tail is coming off as well.  :-\

Would anyone happen to know a heat-resistant griptape?

I don’t, but I have to ask, what hardware is that? Special tool? Never seen it before
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Santa Cruz 'Misprints'
« Last post by showbobs on Today at 03:20:47 PM »

About time they give Asta a decent song that fits.

red bull hat kid is not it chief.
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