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Shoes & Gear / Re: New Balance # containment thread
« Last post by OhioGuy on Today at 12:20:04 PM »
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Could people stop quoting Ohio Guy I blocked his posts for a reason

Sorry, but I missed the beef with Ohio Guy; what's the problem?
Probably finds me annoying. Which is cool. But I havenít posted anything offensive, trolled anyone, etc. So the fact that heís ignoring me says more about him than me.

I can post nonsense sometimes (like most users), but I try my best to be helpful.

Itís ridiculous to expect others to have a beef with someone because you do though 🤷🏿‍♂️
Shoes & Gear / Re: Loose Fit Pants
« Last post by Made In China on Today at 12:19:10 PM »
@BartHarleyJarvis a real one. I ended up ordering two pairs of the black big boys, one for myself and one for my girl (at her request lol)
Shoes & Gear / Re: The Thunder Thread
« Last post by CarcassToss on Today at 12:11:30 PM »
The IKP Thunders just have rounding on the baseplate edges/pivot area edges. The plate isn't longer and the holes are in the same place. That's fundamentally why the wheels drag not necessarily the thickness of the area by the pivot. Just look at a Thunder on a board- the baseplate holes shift the entire truck forward and the kingpin angle/hanger design push the wheels back towards the tips
Great skater, there are other big skaters who are a bit forgotten as well. Jeremy Wray and Kris markovich are two other skaters that was really big and pushed skateboarding in their prime, but somehow doesn't get so much shine as other old pros.

Sadly, there's kind of a game you have to play to be able to get your career acknowledged after it's over, and that game involves going on the Nine Club 100 times, getting an Epicly Laterd episode dedicated to you, and being friends with the right people at Thrasher.
Even having the fuckin' coffee jitters makes me skate worse.
I have to be stone cold sober if I plan on skating halfway decent.

Weed makes me overthink things in general, if I try to skate high I get really trigger shy because I have every injury scenario running through my head and I overanalyze how I'm going to pop/flick/catch etc
Skating drunk is no good cause, you know, fucks my balance up and I get over-confident. Bad combination.
Shoes & Gear / Re: Loose Fit Pants
« Last post by left knee cap on Today at 12:01:20 PM »
My curiosity got the best of me and I pulled the trigger on the AliExpress Big Boys. Here's my Initial review.

I purchased from a seller called "Drip-Dealer-Baggy-Jeans_Store". They had one of the lower prices and had the most 4-5 star reviews, it seemed like people for the most part were receiving jeans that matched what they ordered. I've never owned Big Boys before, but I'm a 34 waist in other Polar pants, so I went with the XL Light Blue. I ordered on May 28 and my total came to $24.50 after a first time buyer discount. I think shipping was like $3??

The seller actually shipped quickly, within a couple of days, but then nothing happened. They probably got handed to the postal service and then sat at a distro facility or airport for a week or two. They had "guaranteed" delivery by June 7th, which they missed and so I received a $1 discount code for my next purchase. Eventually they moved, they were handed off to the USPS and were delivered to me on Friday June 14th.

The quality is actually very good, but I was most surprised that it has ALL of the Polar tags. They're extremely similar to the tags I've received on my real Polar jeans. All the stitching is good, the Hems are nice, there's no dangling threads or unfinished hems. They even have a really nice Polar branded button on the front. It's possible that the denim is slightly thinner/slightly lower quality from real Big Boys, but I don't have a real pair to compare them to. However, the denim is definitely lighter/thinner than my Polar 92s.

The fit is good. They're a true 34" and feel good around the waist. They have good length too, so I can give them a small cuff at the bottom which I like. They're obviously very baggy and very roomy. The crotch is pretty low but that's just the Big Boy design.

I plan to skate in them soon, but I'm going to run them through the wash first. They don't have any funky or chemical scent that you sometimes get with Chinese goods, which is nice. I'll be interested to see how they hold up after a wash, but so far they're pretty legit.

Everyone an make their own decision about how they feel buying knock offs. I don't think I'm going to dip back in and become a Big Boy wearer, but I was definitely curious. The only other items I've ever bought from Chinese sites is Sports jerseys, which have usually been pretty good as well. I may post an update later on after skating and wearing them a bit.

@Made In China @bluntfullofmid @DERBY

Did you size up in these? I wear a M-L in Big Boys and I am a 36. Unless you wanted it baggy baggy
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Brian Odwyer on volcom
« Last post by Powdered Toast Man! on Today at 11:59:51 AM »
I never understood the name CHICHAGOF THE HOOK !

And i will always remeber the collab with the artist J.J. HEREDIA. But the guy vanished !
Chichagof is an island in the alaskan panhandle.
Thereís Boats, People fish.
Chichag- off the hook,
Shoes & Gear / Re: The Thunder Thread
« Last post by diplodocus on Today at 11:57:54 AM »
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Thunder just posted more info on the inverted kingpin trucks

Looks like there is an updated baseplate design on the IKP Thunders. Fuckin hyped.

Same info as last week it seems - after that grewer image, I have even less interest in these.

Oops I must have missed that. Those frank ones did look sick.
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