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Re: Anime
« Reply #60 on: May 04, 2021, 07:15:30 PM »
Woah! Golden Kamuy is coming back?!!!? huge fan. anyone looking for a well rounded action anime with great slice of life and amazing characters take a look.

Also, if you like gundam wing i would recommend checking out to anyone here the Gundam Origin series, its super short and needs no background info unlike most UC gundam stories.

Gundam Origin is like one part Star Wars one part game of thrones. Check it out.
its the bees knees i dont even know where to begin. minus the stuff about events which lead to wwi for the storys sake its highly detailed too -for example the matchbox sugimoto uses in an early episode really was manufactured and popular around that year with the same graphic. they didnt miss a beat. tanigaki and ogata make a good contrast in their group as well -selfless honorable man and utter sociopath. inkarmat is cool. even the smaller characters like the nikaidou twins are notable. the morphine scene

bleach is also back for another season which is weird. whether its for nostalgia or to tie up loose ends i never got past season 2 after soul society and the first menos grande run in. shit got boring

will give gundam origins a go next time theres an itch for a mecha battle series

this is the villain from sk8 da infinity -not to mention most of the other characters are as mindblowingly kooky. comedy gold