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Chapter 17
« on: August 13, 2019, 09:05:52 AM »
Chapter 17

About a month ago
 I went to a asian massage place I've been there befor but nothing happened
As of Getting Head or fucking it looked Little different in the window and I haven't been back there for a min.. and now it's looks different in the window new sign and there's drapes covering the window even over the door it's covered by Drapes

So I walked in and they remodeled everything
 And a Asian woman starts walking up to me but she's fine as fuck and wearing a dress that just saids fuck me low ass cleavage line and cut high bottom lines showing banging hot lag and that starts to show that  beginning ass sexy shape
And a very Cute sexy Asian face chick

Befor it was just chicks in a tee shirt and pants and now it's banging woman in fuck me dresses banging as fuck

 New look New Manager hotter bitchs

 There have to wear Fuck me dresses all day

I'm like fucking wow this is next level so I get a massage for a hour and it's a better massage then the old management chicks

 It's starts as 35 mins back massage and then they turn u over face up and then inc closer to your lags and then just end up at ur dick and just ask do u want a hand job

 I'm like no hand job and I point to her mouth and then point to my dick
And she the assain massage woman in the fuck me dresses saids 100 in cash

And I'm like I don't have it in cash it's on my card and she said cash only

And I'm like no cash I only have that much on my card she stands there for a second and then saids ok

She saids you tip me aka her after $120 on the card after

She then  Lifts  up a tissue box witch is a cover for condom box  and she pulls a condom box out and looks in the comdom box and she double checks the condom box there's only one more left level I guess they with the new management are sucking dick like crazy 😜🍡 and she saids something in Chinese idk what but I'm guessing it's something like all fuck or damn

She then takes the condom rapper and rips it open with her teeth but a little too fast she basically rips open the rapper and rips the comdom with the same tear and she notices she fuckd up when she puts it over my dick and sees

That the condom is ripped basically in half and nothing is being covered

And she looks at me and I look at her and she's like fuck she fucked up and
She's just like takes the condom off and looks back in the empty box on comdoms and there's none left

And she just said to me hold on she steps out and I'm guessing is looking for a condom or something and she comes back nothing and she like tripping then looks at me and grabs my dick and kind of looks at it I'm guessing she's checking if there anything on it witch there's  not and she saids low you tip after $120 to me I'm like ok  and then she just goes thug life  like taking a shot of a nasty shot of like Yeager Meister or bootleg vodka  she just takes my raw dick raw dog in her mouth 👄  and just starts to suck my raw dick she going for like 3 or 4 mins and she starts tripping like after like 3 or 4 mins starts checking if I'm about to cum and stopping every couple of mouth dips on my my cock 

And then she's just starts jacking me off and saids cum ,, Cumm  and she's rubbing my balls and jacking me off and like no keep sucking and sees like no cum
 Cum cum now
And I'm like no suck and she like no cum in mouth and I'm like fuck

 And i just start to not feel it any more and I'm not paying to get jacked off I can jack my self off and I just start to get up and I start getting dressed and she's like tip and starts asking for her tip

 And I'm like wait I'm like in my head she fucked up big time ripped the condom fully in half and rubber and then sucks me of for like 3 or 4 mins and just trying to just jack me off for the rest I'm not feeling this it vibe

 And I'm half way dressed I put on one shoes and start to put on the second  shoe and she just starts tripping and Demond's my card 💳 now
 Give me tip give u card broken English and I'm like hold on I grab my shirt and start to put it on and she just pushes me with my shirt on my head and I fall back and one foot on the ground and my other falls out fully imto a folded ankle

Not to bad of a fold but still a fold where even with skating you know it's a fold
Not like a crazy fold but still a good fold where your like I just folded my shit fuck I fall down and with  my shirt half way over my face
With my eyes showing like Kenny from South Park I can see the bitch is now like fuck she fucked up

And I'm like aOwe  my foot you just twisted my foot wtf bitch and she's just looks at my in shock and I get up and I can feel my foot is twisted like a folded ankle and I'm like aOwe
 Wtf and I start walking out the room where she gave me the massage and she's walking behind me still in like a slow shocked state tip her still
but more on did she brake my foot and I'm limping cuz she pushed me and I folded my shit

And I look back at here and she's about to say tip but like in abit of a shockd way of o I fucked up she gets as far as saying tiiie...  I'm like no I'm not tipping you broke my foot you folded my foot and she's like just stops and I walk out the door 🚪
And she's like fuck

 And she's like just standing there and the door slides closed as I see her head go down like fuck and I walk back to my ride and go home

I feel bad but she pushed me down with my shirt over my head and what did she expect me not to trip and fall

 With if I was just a regular person and fell back and domed it off the wall or something with no skate falling experience o leveling out a fall

She would broke them off if it wasn't a skate wise person on falling well

That's about it

I paid for the massage

And got a 3 half 4 min raw blowjob for free

And got pushed and folded my ankle

So left more broke
 From when I came In to feel better

Left with a folded ankle



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Re: Chapter 17
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No ticky, no laundry.

-Frank Costello

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Re: Chapter 17
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...broken English...

I got hard reading this. Thanks, Stan.


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Re: Chapter 17
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hardflip the legal code bich
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Re: Chapter 17
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thank you stan.

 I meet up with her and I'm like wtf and she's got a baby stroller with her pushing it and she's pretty fat now


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Re: Chapter 17
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Stan is still killin it.


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Re: Chapter 17
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Stan out here living life.  props
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Re: Chapter 17
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i appreciate the random emojis, they really bring this story to life. thanks stan.

you should make a zine/book with all these one day, the world needs to read these chapters.