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Re: No concave….
« Reply #90 on: February 03, 2023, 04:43:49 PM »
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Lured back to this place after hearing about the demise of DOA. I am currently skating a clutch blank that is weirdly flat, really enjoying it as best I can coming off an ankle injury. I was at a shop last week looking at Sour boards (HLC) and was reminded that they're decently flat and also pointy which is a big deal for me. Thinking one of those might be next.

I know PS Pressed Toy Machine boards been mentioned here, but Fletch once sent me a couple (lightly skated) ones in a trade and told me that they're the closest thing to E-mold.

I don’t skate. But I might buy some skate stuff because I’m back to lurking. Terrible.
Any idea on how to find out which Toy Machine boards are PS? There’s no way the local shops carry that, so I’d be flying blind on the order. A bad toy machine doesn’t sound fun. I’ve had some of their boards in the past and tbh really enjoyed the flat/pointy, and the wood was decent. This is like 12 ish years ago but still.

The hlc boards are the ones that have my interest the most

Glad the ankle is recovering

No idea. My understanding was that the pro boards were PS and that it was the logos that are iffy...but I haven't been keeping up. Of the boards from Fletch, one was a Jeremy Leberes IIRC. This was about 2 years ago.

The Sour HLC boards are a lot better looking than Toy and (last time I tried) I preferred the wood. I had an 8.5" and it was pretty mellow, and the smaller 8.125 I saw at the shop looked and felt even more so. It could have also been a fluke, but I think at least one of their shapes (S1?) is intentionally mellow.

Most monster/logo decks I've seen in the states are PS, but theres still a lot of pandemic wood floating around and some of those are chinese. There's even some Watson wood still available from their pandemic Tumyeto runs. Luckily PA boards are stamped and stickered, so just look for the identifying marks. The Chinese ones say made in China and the ones I've seen were all steep. The Watson ones were only a couple old graphics but they have med kicks and flat concave.

I’ve never skated/seen a popsicle watson board, but some of their pool/vert/old school shapes are the flattest boards I’ve ever witnessed.