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« Reply #90 on: April 16, 2021, 02:12:20 AM »
Would a list of woodshops that included pics of top of board markings be good too?

Not sure if it would be too much information at the start or what.

I have been compiling some which would make it a whole lot easier for some people to reference and then be able to work out what the boards were, but I think there will still be a lot of others or generic boards with similar stickers on them so people could get confused and not know.


Clutch - usually (but not always) has a letter and a number stamped into the wood around the front bolt holes, then often the size in a dot sticker often over the stamp, or right beside it.

PS Stix - always has some sort of laser engraving information but mainly has SN# PS 39383837 type of info, which is the identifying info of that particular deck, the warning sticker usually higher up on the nose.

BBS - harder to tell with no sticker (unless it has Generator sticker) but often just a dot imprint around front bolts area and sometimes laser engraving for the specific brand, if not "Built by BBS" and size info, sometimes the warning sticker over the bolts, but usually just above the bolts.

Dwindle - laser engraving with serial number, size, brand info under the front bolts area, not between the front bolt holes.

Control - red white maple leaf sticker in between front bolts.

HLC - laser engraving with info on the deck, more often under the front bolts, but usually lower down closer to the back bolts in the middle area.

Generic manufacturer in China - usually just the size of the deck either between front bolts, just under it, or from another place, on the top or bottom under the back bolts, usually a bigger font.

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