Author Topic: Advice For Slide-To-Slide Combo Tricks On Ledge?  (Read 121 times)

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Advice For Slide-To-Slide Combo Tricks On Ledge?
« on: October 21, 2020, 12:58:17 AM »
So I've been trying to work on a frontside noseslide to tailslide on a ledge and have been getting close to pulling it.

Basically, I get up into the fs noseslide, then I kind of try to pop out of it as I turn my body and board to my right (I'm regular) so I can land my right foot and tail back on to the ledge.

I've come close to pulling it a couple times but, usually, the tail hits below the ledge, like I'm not popping out of the fs noseslide enough.

Is there any magic hint anyone has to pop out of the frontside noseslide, which I imagine is the key -- or perhaps the only way possible -- to then land over/on the ledge for the tailslide?

Do I need to wind-up (to my left, like a bs 180, which I guess it is) more before popping out of the fs nose? Or should I practice popping out of stalls over and over again until popping higher than the ledge is my trained norm? Or both?

I see pros pulling all sorts of ledge combos: slide to slide, slide to grind, grind to slide, etc.

It seems like the possibilities are endless...once I can figure out how to pop out of a trick and be above the same ledge on which to then land a new trick.

I have searched the net for some advice on this but can't find anything that applies to the real world (just a bunch of codes and button patterns for how to do it in video games).

Any insight would be helpful, thanks...

Edit: This guy's doing it

Different combo but same idea
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