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« on: August 22, 2020, 06:07:09 AM »
Most recent project from TroisCCD

Trois CCD - 2nd

2nd, the new Trois CCD video is here! After a year of filming in Paris and its suburbs Jimmy Cholley took advantage of the lockdown to edit his new video and it's a gem. Featuring: Joshua Marques, Tyler Chew, Steven Faure, Santiago Sasson, Morgan Katomba, Ambroise Fardel, Thomas Courteille, Pierre Subra, Florian Taverne, Alix Malnati, Ali Jbiloul, Andre Treijinha, Victor Cascarigny, Jerome Sossou, Leo Cholet, Leo Spartacus, Paul Austin, Lucas Languasco, Skyler Trent, Cesar Dubroca, Adrien Chabiron and Amelien Foures. Additional Filming by Kemisse Zouikri.
déjà-vu skate mag

Jimmy's Interview on déjà-vu skate mag

Previous edit when in SF (featured on Transworld)

And first edit from late 2018
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