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San Francisco ledge spots
« on: October 18, 2020, 01:18:46 AM »
I've lived in Berkeley for about five years now and am contemplating moving into SF at the end of the year. I've skated the city plenty of times, but it was mostly emb, waller, the third and army ledges as well as miscellaneous spots here and there.

If I did move there I'd want to be able to have a regular no bust ledge to skate within walking distance, that would keep me happy 90% of the time. Waller and the new third and army ledges are all a bit far. EMB and island aren't that fun imo besides the historic factor. I believe Union square is a bust, and definitely not a fan of soma.

Some of the areas I'm looking at are: Somewhere in the mission, the tenderloin, even towards fidi and north beach would be okay. Haight ashbury is a bit far for my liking.

Any input on spots like that would be great, schools, diys or anything. I really should have skated in SF more all these years.