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Help find a video part
« on: November 06, 2020, 11:01:54 PM »
Been thinking about this part for years. Saw it a few years ago (I'd say it came out around the year 2014-2017, maybe more 2015-2016), I think it was either up on Thrasher or TWS.

It's a doubles part!
Two skaters, no clue what the names are, but I remember the general idea: one of the guys is skating around but he's lonely, so the song "I am so lonely" plays. Then, n amount of seconds into the vid, he inadvertently stumbles across another skater and they start beefing rougher music comes on, they're kinda rivals and give each other shit by snaking. But then they make amends, slap some fives and the start doing doubles tricks. Practically every trick and line in the vid after that point involves both of them in the clip (back to back). I think one of the clips had one of the guys leave his board standing upward in a metallic net on the ground, and the other dude wallies that board either on flat or off steps.
I think the length of the vid is no more than 8 min, I feel like it's around 6.

Appreciate it if anyone has any clue what I just blabbered about 
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