Author Topic: Selling on eBay - Debut Aidan Mackey 917 board, FA deck, Brad Cromers deck, etc.  (Read 413 times)

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Been a rough year financially, trying to get what I can for some items, thanks for taking the time
Lmk obo

Debut Aidan Mackey 917 brand new deck- 8.25" - The cult following of Aidan Mackey will only make this grow in value in time,  wish I could hold onto this longer

FA Ave 8.1" Barely Used Deck- Skated for one skatepark sesh, still has the new deck shine. Easily regripped if youre not into it

Brad Cromer's Old Deck: Brads one of the greats and leaves his gear around NYC consistently, swooped some shoes and this deck, its basically new except for some slide marks and a small chip in the tail, for the Brad Cromer fans

Old 917 deck- Ive skated this for a month or so, its got some razortail but if youre not too picky its definitely got some life in it. Fuck it I really need the cash

Supreme/ Slayer Hand Carving Large T Shirt- Worn twice, classic Supreme heavier body tee, essentially brand new

Thanks boys, I know some of the prices are aspirational, its worth a shot since ebay takes a good slice off.
take care out there, hope the pandemic isnt this rough forever
two times


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that aidan one is mad tempting but im unemployed rn :( hope it finds a home homie


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  • sweet, man.
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there was a point in time where the local dist. for 917 was clearing those aidan boards out for $25 CAD. i will be kicking myself in the ass one day if they actually rise in value.