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XS Progression

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« on: August 16, 2023, 12:06:13 PM »
Whats up guys?

I just got back from an amazing road trip living out of my Ford Escape for 5 days. Started the trip in New Jersey and went 3 hours to my first stop in Connecticut to skate at a brand new skatepark that was built there with a HUGE half dome! Left just before a storm hit to try to find a shower and a place to sleep. I have a Planet Fitness membership that I share with my girlfriend, and even though I'm not super fond of Planet as a gym, they are everywhere and have showers.. some even open 24 hours. That was a life saver for hygiene.
I spent my first night in front of a skatepark in Vermont, only to be woken up by the police shining a flashlight into my car...
After he asked for ID and everything, he told me that he actually has to close to the gate to the park every night and that I cant park and sleep there. Big lesson learned. He was nice though and directed me to a state park that doesn't have a gate and told me to sleep there the rest of the night.

Day 2 I drove to the biggest skatepark of the entire trip, Andy A Dog park in Vermont.. a skatepark with assisted funding from Tony Hawk. It was amazing, but I had a 3 hour drive to the next park in New Hampshire to hit this same day (I was on a time limit because I had to get back in 5 days for my girlfriends birthday!)

When I got there, the park was locked! There was no way I just drove 3 hours for a gate to be locked in the middle of the day. So I did what you'd expect and had a great time! Turns out others came eventually and let me know that gate is constantly locked, so its just deemed normal to just go around the gate to skate every day lol. Left before dusk for a shower and to find a spot to sleep. Just barely made it to a Planet Fitness before they closed because I ended up having no phone service or internet while driving through a beautiful forested town called Sandwich. I learned soon after that you can legally park in Walmart parking lots overnight. That was a huge help!

Day 3 my plans got a bit messed up because I was meant to go to Maine to skate but it was raining in the state when I got there! I ended up going to Acadia National Park and taking some insane hike through the rain by myself with nothing but a survival pack, a knife, some water, my phone with no service and my GoPro. I got to a thing up the mountain called bubble rock in the pouring rain and fog. Was intense to see that huge boulder balancing on the edge overlooking a huge drop of fog! By this time, my meal prepped cold food had gotten all wet from a hole ripping in the bag it was in and the melted ice water ruining it. Made for a good opportunity to try Sri Lankan food for the first time! So delicious!

Day 4 was jam packed! Woke up bright and early to drive back to Acadia National Park, where I got to eat breakfast at Cadillac Summit, the highest point of the entire East Coast! Was amazing to see the mountain tops while also overlooking the ocean! I had cereal, a banana and my milk was still fine in its container so breakfast up there was easy, and quite an experience! I then went down to take a small hike to see the cliffs overlooking Maines beautiful ocean water! Probably my favorite view of the entire trip! Then left to hit the skatepark in Maine, because it was still a skate trip, and I had to hit every New England state before I went home! Got a great session in before driving 5 hours to an indoor skatepark in Massachusetts JUST as they opened their night time slot at 6 pm. It was mainly built for bikes and scooters, but I still got some tricks and it was impressive to see the huge wooden jungle they created in there. Planet Fitness and Chipotle for being the only things still open that I'll eat around 9pm.

Day 5 I woke up to realize my shoe has taken a beating and the entire back had ripped! It needed to last one more skatepark though. The journey went back south to Rhode Island to skate an awesome DIY skatepark built by the skaters and locals. When I realized I was still 5 1/2 hours from home, I ended the skate sesh and drove back to New Jersey to be welcomed with a warm dinner from my girlfriend and some rest before we left the following afternoon to New Hope, Pennsylvania for her birthday!

She caught the car camping bug and wanted to sleep the night in the car so we travelled up to north PA to see the biggest waterfall in the state after spending the night in a random town in the Poconos! We finally went home and I was able to edit the entire trip into a full length film (excluding her birthday. Just the New England states)  If you want to watch it, I uploaded it to my youtube channel XS Progression. Here is the link!


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« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2023, 02:11:24 PM »
The essence of life, really. Glad it ended with your girl being stoked, instead of the opposite haha.