Author Topic: After how many years of skating do pro skaters peak and when do they fall off ?  (Read 280 times)

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Stupid generalizing question, but still what do you guys think after how many years pros really skate on pro levels and peak and when do most stop making progress or even lose skills?

Lots of factors of course.
I thought about this, cause today I saw some locals skating that I didn’t see skating for ten years and somehow I was disappointed that they didn’t improve that much since back then, cause I thought they were really talented. (Not pros btw. Sponsored, but not pros)
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Mean salto

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I think there's a Phelps quote something like "skaters either get good in two years or they eat chowder"  I kinda get this I've been skating for twenty years pretty much and there's definatly a point where people stop progressing. Different point for everyone but.

Also during lockdown I got bored and watched tons of old videos and 411s and looked thru all my old magazines and whatever old ones were online and for every skater like Koston or Reynolds that has a long career there must be at least 30 who just disappear after 5ish years.

Space Cowboy

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On the Tim O'Connor Show him and a guest mentioned that the typical point guys got noticed was a high school graduate age of 16-18, then it really depends on the kind of obstacles your skating.

For Example, a Skater like Milton probably wont be skating far past 25-30, but a skater that's not throwing themselves down massive handrails/stair sets all the time will have a longer period of "Peak" skating before they start to fall off.