Does the woodshop a brand use for their decks impact your decision on buying a board?

Yes absolutely
279 (73%)
Yeah I guess a bit
87 (22.8%)
Indifferent either way
4 (1%)
Not really
7 (1.8%)
No never
5 (1.3%)

Total Members Voted: 376

Author Topic: CURRENT WOODSHOP DIRECTORY 2022 + misc deck and board info, help, questions, etc  (Read 48130 times)

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  • Just deck / woodshop info

A few updated - thanks for the info.

Nova World Order added.
Roger BBS noted.

A few others added to the info list as well.

11:11 Distribution


Some of you might get a real kick out of reading this page (about skateboard griptape):


Anything else, please let me know.

You guys can post any pics, board tops, etc here as well, not a worry whatever, whoever, etc.


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No markings as far as I know.

Stiff, solid boards, steeper kicks, medium concave.

Definitely something new here from Pennswood. Pennsylvania stamp plus deck size.


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Just got a new Theories board with a strange marking. 
It's egg shaped, and I know they've been on BBS but where the dimple normally is theres a TI

I know clutch does a letter and a number but I checked their website and they dont seem to have anything that matches the shape, or letter markings.
This is the shape-
I've bought another Theories board within the last month that had the normal BBS marking, not sure why they'd go elsewhere for this one.

My understanding of things, re pandemic shortages was Clutch was able to provide wood to many brands during the time when other woodshops could not keep up with production numbers and supply many of their smaller to medium level, or even some larger accounts with the required product, including the Theories brand, as per what other people had said.

I have also been told that Theories of Atlantis Distribution is one such company that gets blanks in significant numbers and uses their own in house heat transfer machine to put graphics on boards for some (not all) of the brands they distribute, so I could see that as being very possible that they still had a board in certain shapes that was from Clutch.


Purely guessing, but T1 could be a special Theories shape, given it doesn't seem like one that is available anywhere else.

All just thoughts though.
That does make sense though!
Had hoped it was bbs but it still seems well constructed, so not the end of the world.

Get hungry on it!