Author Topic: You've probably got a scar from doing something dumb or rad. What's the story?  (Read 949 times)

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I still have a very faded lighter "smiley" scar on my arm from 30 years ago... that was pretty dumb

I never wore shoes when i lived in Australia... when i was 12 I broke a fluorescent bulb in the garage and was sweeping it up and swept it right into my left foot ruining my little toe (it didn't cut through the bone but the fleshy part of my toe was just hanging on). I didn't go get stitches or anything cause i didn't want to get in trouble for breaking the light.. so i got my older sister to help me patch it up with bandaids and bandages. it stopped bleeding pretty quickly but it took ages to heal properly because the skin grew into wound first... so it kind of just flapped around on my foot until fused together...  my toenail doesn't grow properly on that little guy now


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i grew up in the french countryside, we used to go cut trees at fall with my dad, brother and sister eversince we were little kids. My dad would cut the trees down and me and my brother and sister would pick up the cut wood and pile it. When i was 14 my granpa died and my dad got his chainsaw, so he had two. He though that it would be a good idea to give it to me since i didn't like picking up wood and was chopping small trees with an axe instead.
Well, give a 14 years old a chainsaw with no protection or safety training and sure enough i cut my thigh while cutting a tree at ground level. The cut was big and deep, but thanks to being extremely lucky i didn't touch the knee (i cut 5cm from it) nor the artery (5cm from it) nor any tendon (pretty close too)
i got like 25 stitches on three levels and couldn't snowboard that winter, i remember i was pretty pissed about it. It's only nowadays that i'm pretty much my dads age when this happened that i realize how irresponsible he was (and been on a lot of other occasions). Now the scar is smaller than it was and i kinda like it, i'm happy i could keep on walking, skating, biking, i could have ended my life or changed it significantly that day.


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When I was 9 or 10 I was doing arts and crafts when Another One Bites the Dust started playing on the radio. I loved that song, so I began to dance around the room. I still had my scissors in my hand and realized I could imitate the song's baseline perfectly...

Snip, snip, snip
Snip, snip, snip, snip, snip, OUCH!

That's how I learned there's a reason why I wasn't supposed to run around with scissors. I cut off most of the fleshy bit from my right thumb and didn't get to do any more arts and crafts for quite a while.


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A few years ago, I dropped a fairly heavy (170#) barbell on my left shin after losing control in the bottom of my squat while doing a "hang snatch" exercise (reference video below):

My shin somehow didn't fracture and I only needed stitches. I had an insane adrenaline rush so I wasn't in much pain at all and was laughing/joking with the medical staff who administered first aid. Still very grateful I didn't destroy my shinbone and still have the scar to show off.

Ricky Vaughn

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Called a girl a “dumb bitch” in 5th grade and she dug her fingernail into my hand as hard as she could while gritting her teeth in my face. Still funny to me especially because of the scar


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Opened the web between my thumb and first finger of my L hand dicking around in the crawlspace. Put my hand to the back wall and sliced a screw through my hand about 3 inches long from edge to palm, luckily not super deep. Scar is still there, but it healed super well and it just looks like a crease.

Lil brother clubbed me in the dome with a PVC pipe - ever seen those PVC marshmallow blow guns? - 6 stitches straight in the scalp. Cool lil break in my hairline.

Busted chin a few times, its all scarred up and makes the hair grow all crazy.

Pretty thick keloid on my hip from getting smoked on my first real hill bomb at 13-14yo, its healed to ~1''x1'' fleshy, pink square. Knocked myself out, tore open my hip and hand, woke up carrying my skate up the hill back to the little kids B-day party or whatever
Do you see another one of these over there?


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I have a scar on my hand from being a goofball at 5 or 6 years old.

I acted as if I slipped on a banana peel to make my friends laugh, only thing is I landed on the root of a tree right on the back of my hand.

Damn thing took 4-5 stitches to close up. It was a deep cut and didn’t stop bleeding because it was straight on a vein.

Young me was pretty dumb.


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dad overthrew a backyard football and i ran face-first into the corner of our barbeque. gashed open the spot between my eye and eyebrow, got some stitches and now i have a cool ass scar. thanks dad.


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skated this flat rail in an underground parking garage when I was around 13... dumb thing was, there was a metal barrier right after the landing. so I landed wrong and of course fell head first into the barrier. I had the imprint of it on my face!   ::)
as well as a cut under my nose that required a few stitches. But it's barely visible now.

Also had a few stitches in my eyebrow after getting cut by the studs of a teammate playing rugby....
and finally 8 stitches in the middle of my head at age 10 or so, when I was doing front flips into a pool and hit the edge. that's it for my dome!

edit: to sic a dog on a teenager for that is crazy! Scary really.
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I jerked my jack with Nair. It was like the 5th worst thing I ever did to my junk.
I saw the legs and had to have a go with the leg cream. I was like young AF. I had just st discovered it and couldn't nut yet. But I could edge like a mother fucker right out the gate.
Wish I could be like that again lol
But yo
It burned little holes into the tip of my junk and irritated some spots down the shaft. I was so young I was way to embarrassed to speak up.

Took weeks to heal up. The wounds like sank in so it looked hella deep. I was so scared.
I almost gave in and said something but I pulled out at the last second and went to the bathroom to weep probably. Xo
Now I have like a constellation of stars crossing the top and down the shaft. It's like the little dipper big dipper. Big dipper is hard to see unless I been tanning and stuff.
The biggest one on the tip peels off once in a while like a scale. Hasn't happened in some years tho.
Plz stop killing each other


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I have two cat claw scars over my top lip that I received when I was 19. My old room in my mom's house opened up to our lanai/ pool in the form of sliding glass doors. On the outside of the sliding glass doors was a reflective mirror finish, so on the outside looking in, all you saw was your reflection. My bed was a mattress on the floor and my head on the mattress met the sliding glass door.

Early one morning, while I was still asleep with my dog close to me, I heard my cat meowing outside the door to get in. With my eyes half open, barley awake, I open the slider. As soon as I open the slider, my cat, not expecting to see my dog, lunges forward with her claws out and catches my lip.

Warm crimison colored blood instantly starts pouring down my face as my face stings and I'm overcome with confusion. The time from opening my eyes to getting slashed is less than 10 seconds.

That was almost 15 years ago. Both cat and dog have since passed, but I still love them dearly.


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Freshman year of college, 1991. I had gotten pretty good at riding my bike no-handed, even through a bike circle intersection if there wasn't a bunch of traffic. On my way back to the dorms from miserably failing a calculus test. It had rained that morning, so I guess my feet were a bit wet. Pushed down on the pedal, foot slipped off, and it was over, Straight to the chin for several stitches, the pedal itself left a deep gouge on my inner thigh. Ahh, youth!

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Sacked a rail (1st and last)  when I was 19 my cock had a weird zipper stitching. 
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Oh god, I just remembered this.
I was in the first grade, and we were at a dock waiting for a boat. I was being a kid and jumping around, and I ended up scraping my shin on some scrap metal that was lying around (?). It didn't bleed right away, so I went back to playing. The boat came, and my dad told me to look at my leg. I looked down, and it was fucking covered in blood. It had started bleeding right after I went back to playing, I guess. Anyway, all these years later I still have a one inch scar on my shin.
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When I was around 11,me and my best friend at the time were bored outside his apartment building. For some reason, the best thing we could  come up to do, was to throw rocks at each other.

Couple minutes go by, and I hit him in the elbow. He gets mad, and throws a perfect one straight above my left eye. If it was 5-6cm down, I would be wearing a pirate eye patch now. Anyway, his mum was a nurse, so we just run to his house in panic, because I was bleeding like crazy, and she took care of that. I dont even remember if I got stiches or not.

Typical dumb kids shit, but I wouldnt change it for anything, got a cool scar out of it.