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Re: Old Dudes Post Up Here...
« Reply #2610 on: August 07, 2022, 07:30:48 AM »
Same here. Try to stretch daily and work out a bit but I get
Lazy at times. Too Much going on. Lol

But it’s important and man does it help. 10 mins a day can make such a difference. I didn’t “work out” all last winter and really felt it this spring. Paying the price now.

Live and learn right?

Anyhow. Here’s last years edit. Looking back it was a good year. I learned hard flips at age of 44. Def not consistent but when they go they go. Got my nollie tails back and relearned fs tail slides. Stocked on my bs 180 ng. I swear prob tried 200+ last summer. Snagged 3. Lol. Pumped on the nose slide crooks to straight.

Striving for a 45 45 edit. Kinda cheesy but gets me going. We all need a goal at times. I sure do.
This was awesome. Super inspiring. You’ve still got great pop.