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Online marketing/Streetwear
« on: June 06, 2023, 01:29:13 PM »
Slap team-- am curious what your views on online marketing by clothing companies are.   Is self promotion on social + video sites annoying?  Curious how people view an official way to grow a core brand versus putting out market spend to make sales online.  Is there a difference these days?  Whats the line. Take this question wherever you would like (or ignore)-- thought it was maybe an interesting question/topic more generalized or in the abstract from the specific companies everyone is talking about recently or hating on.

Edit- I should say as my question may not be clear-- I mean using skateboarding in these medias to sell/buy adds versus being "core" clothing company sponsoring skaters-- do most folks separate closing in their head into "core"and "noncore" company like with shoes, for example.  Or can clothing companies get away with just paying skaters to be "influencers", or is the "team" aspect what makes them core (an actual crew that skates together-- I guess that is how I've always looked at it).
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