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Re: Anti-Blank Campaign
« Reply #60 on: September 13, 2023, 08:20:11 PM »
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Iíve been skating them for a few months. No complaints.

Do you or anyone else on here know the wheelbases/lengths of the popsicles?

I love 9s but the 9x33 is huge. 9x32 like the Baker/Kader would be better.

I think they made both

9x32/14.5wb is sexy as fuck

All the shapes with dimensions are listed here in the Woodshop thread:;topicseen#msg4016120

Yes the 9 is the long one, 9 x 33 with 15 wb.

I recall seeing the shorter 9 being used by Black Label more recently, as well as someone posting about a skate shop that had those dimensions, can't remember exactly who though, somewhere around SF or similar place but it could have been someone like Black hole skate shop, but that was from a while ago now.

A few options to try at least.
Thanks G

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Re: Anti-Blank Campaign
« Reply #61 on: September 13, 2023, 10:22:30 PM »

Just adding on to that:

Might have been Old Skull skate shop as they have BBS boards and someone had one in the setups or big boards thread a while back.

They had the very out there graphic, but it was BBS wood and they still show the 8.75 in stock with 14.5 wb, whether it actually is or not, I don't know.

Any which way, the first page of the Woodshop thread also has a shop boards list too, which I try to keep updated, although I think shops change up their boards more often than big brands do.

It still doesn't quite help with the way shorter Baker Kader board shape, which was 9 x 31.8 or so with 14.25 wb on it, which might work for some, but was also difficult to get hold of after that initial run and then seems like very few come up after that, maybe just the OG logo or a T Funk board or two I think.

Compared to the generic board shapes that BBS / Generator has, the big brands are the ones who dictate what comes out in various other shapes and sizes, which means they might be harder to track down or more expensive, but at least it would be worth it for you, rather than riding something that is too big, or just not quite right in whatever standard dimensions there are.