Author Topic: What's the ideal size and radius for a miniramp fitting this trick criteria  (Read 979 times)

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Planning on making a mini ramp, but I'm unsure what height or turning radius I should use.

I want a ramp that can legitly be Smith'd but not so steep that a blunt kickflip out would be terrifying.

Is there an ideal mini ramp that lets you do air tricks like a bigger ramp but still let you do lip trickery?


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The mini I built is 5' x 8' x 12' , (I'll measure and double check when I get home) so nice and mellow.

It depends on you steep you want your transition and space between the two trannys. Steep is nice, but you go way faster.

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Ben Degros' mini measurements: 3.5 feet tall with 6 foot transition. 15 feet wide


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5 feet tall. 8 foot transition. After cutting the transition, I would trace the line over with your hand to make it slightly elliptical (I guess you could also use some sort of CAD program and cut a cardboard template first) so you can clear the lip for smith grinds.

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If there's any ramps you skate that you like the dimensions of you could always go and measure the radius
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I think you need to decide on a rough height you want first. Do you want a 5 foot high ramp, a 3 foot ramp, something in between? That will help you determine the radius to use. Low height and smith grinds will be pretty tight transitions.
4 foot ramp with 6-6.5 foot radius will do it. Maybe even 4 high and 7 radius.


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Yeah ^^ hes right about deciding the height first. If you want a 3 go with a 4 transition. Its steep enough you can do slides/grinds and not wheel drag. Its a challenge at first though but fun once youre used to it. The one Ive been lucky enough to be skating recently is a 5 with a 7 1/2 transition with a 6 extension. People regularly complain about not being able to do smiths on the 5 section.