Author Topic: Pointers on backside noseblunts?(Mechanics explained specifically?)  (Read 355 times)

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I've been skating since 97' and in that whole time I've landed 4 back noseblunts slides, and 10 tranny Bs Noseblunts. What is the secret to them? Fuck its like my dream trick,

Which foot is mostly responsible for getting into it? (Example on what I mean.... For a bs tail in ea Skate you Ollie, you push the stick down then roll it to the middle.... Your back foot pushes it in after you have popped. Would a Bs noseblunt have something similar? Which foot guides it in?

How far do I Ollie before twisting it into it?

Tricks that help with comprehension?

On tranny I always land with only my heel on the front foot, I just don't understand how to scoop it and land in it right

Any tips? Suggestions? Help with mechanics? I've watched every trick tip video and haven't had that "clicked" moment. That moment of cathartic understanding. May there be a perspective or way of thinking about it? (I can do Fs Noseblunts , and I think of it like trying to backside noseslide the top)

Bonus question not related to a Bs noseblunt. What is the trick to flipping out of a grind? I've got a good pop out on my switch crook but I just don't understand how to flick it like a flat ground trick


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Re: Pointers on backside noseblunts?(Mechanics explained specifically?)
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2024, 10:14:58 PM »
I just posted in the other BSNB thread, so will just paste the response here and hopefully you see it and it helps:

Absolute pinnacle of ledge tricks.  I learned them at age 30 on a double stacked shipping pallet (Blue CHEP ones are grail).  Nice and short to get the feel for it without the fear of getting splattered all over a longer ledge.  It's just a front nose but on top.  Exact same entry and dismount.  Fear and making myself try it was the hardest part.  Needs a good amount of wax as it's harder when you have to push it.  I'm 45 now and last did one a couple months ago (dragged the trusty pallets out again).  Still the best feeling trick ever.  Good luck and send clips once you get it.
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