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As per his request, 1992's early 90's hip hop list. Thank him for typing the thing out.

Black Moon-"Enta Da Stage"
Smif-n-Wessun-"Da Shinin'"
Heltah Skeltah-"Nocturnal"
The Beatnuts-"Intoxicated Demons/Street Level"(Do You Believe? single circa 1996)
Ak Skillz-"Nights Of Fear"
Miss Marvel-anything
Big L-"Lifestyles of Da Poor and Dangerous"
Diamond D-"Stunt,Blunts and Hip-Hop"
O.C.-"Word Life"
U.M.C.'s-"Fruits of Nature"
Wu-Tang-"Enter the 36 Chambers"
All Natural-"No Additives,No preservatives"(It's O.K.)
Common Sense-"Breaker 1,9"(remix)-92
The Last Emporer-"7 Deadly Heroes"
Method Man-"Tical"
any Gangstarr album
Jeru-"The Sun Rises In The East"
INI-"Center Of Attention"
Dada(The original Baby Pa) Rock)
Prince A.D. and The Psycho Child-"Lyrical Flava"
Lord Finesse-"Funky Technician"
The Whooligans
Raw Fusion
Volume 10-"Hip-Hopera"
Special Ed-"Revelations"
K-Solo-"Times Up"
Raised By Suess
The Pharcyde-"Bizarre Ride to The Pharcyde"/"Devils Music bootleg instrumental"
Cella Dwellas-"Realms and Reality"(Advance to Boardwalk 12 inch)
Group Home-"Livin' Proof"(So Called Friends '92)
Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf-"Devotion"
Raekwon-"Only Built For Cuban Linx"
Godfather Don-"Hazerdous"/"Diabouque"
The Cenobites Ep
Percee P-"Now and Then"
A.T.C.Q.-all of them
Company Flow-"Funcrusher Plus"
Mad Skillz-"From Where?"
Lonnie B.-anything you can find
Big Twan
Natural Elements-"Bust Mine"(Tim O'Connors song in the Element video)
Walkman Rotation
Grand Puba-"Reel To Reel"
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth-all of them
The Roots-the first 3 albums including "Organix"
Diamond Shell
Black Sheep-"A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing"
Guru Jazzatazz Volume 1 and 2
Slick Rick-"Behind Bars"
AZ-"Doe or Die"
L.P.S.D.-"Back At You"(Dave Mayhews song in "Troubleshooters")
The Fugees-"Blunted On Reality"
3rd Bass-"The Cactus Album"
MC Serch-"Back To The Grill Again"
Main Source-"Live At The Barbeque"
Ill Bill-"The Early Years"(Run For Your Life)-'94
Heather B-"All Glocks Down"
Jungle Brothers-"Jimbrowski"
Onyx-"All We Got Iz Us"
Gravediggaz-"6 Feet Deep"
The Genius-"Liquid Swords"
E.P.M.D.-"Strictly Business"
Freestyle Fellowship-"Innercity Griots"
The Griots-overseas compilation-96
Kutfather-"Thoughts I Generate"
Underground Sound Unit-"Hit The Jackpot"
Guru,M.O.P. and Stikken Moov-"Life"-94
True Master-"Who's The Truest?"
The Ultramagnetic Mc's-anything
AL Skills-"Lyrics"
Cella Dwellas-"Land Of The Lost"-'94
Large Professor-"Ijuswannachill"
Mobb Deep-"Juvenile Hell"/The Infamous/Hell On Earth
Capone and Noreaga-"The War Report"-96
Shyhiem(aka The Rugged Child)/"Next Generation/Manchild
Wu feat Cappadonna-"Winter Warz" single '95
Craig Mack-"Flava In Your Ear"(remix)-94
The Wake Up Show(freestyle sessions volumes 1 through 5)
CRU-"Da Dirty 30"
Operation Ratification-"The Rotten Apple"
Mystic Journeymen-"T.A.M.I.K.A."(4track)-95
De La Soul-all of them until '99
Bush Babees-"Gravity"
Grav-"Down To Earth"
E.C. Illa
The Goats-"Burn The Flag"(Chicos song from N.W.O.)-1993(No Goats,No Glory)
Eric B. and Rakim-"Don't Sweat The Technique"
Mic Geronimo-"The Natural"
The Dream Warriors
Showbiz and A.G.-"Goodfellas" and "Runaway Slave"
Ill Biskits-"God Bless Your Life"
Poor Rightous Teachers-"Word Is Life"
The Kozmonauts
Ras Kass-"Soul On Ice"
Artifacts-"Between A Rock and Hard Place"(Dynamite Soul remix with Mad Skillz and "Who I Am" b-side)
Superfriends-"Move These Vowels"/"F.R.E.S.H."-96
Supernatural-"Buddah Blessed It"
One and One-"Phenomenon"
Shabazz The Disiciple-"Crime Saga"
Kwest The Madd Ladd-"This Is My First Album"
Organized Konfusion-all of them
Dana Dane-"Rollin' With Dana Dane
any Big Daddy Kane
Cool Craig G.
The Classical Two
JUstice System-"Rooftop Soundcheck"-94
Lords Of The Underground-both of them
Al Tariq-"God Connection"
Camp Lo-"Uptown Saturday Night"
Lil' Shawn-"Check It Out"
Das EFX-all of them
Common Sense-"Resurrection"
NO I.D.-"Accept Your Own and Be Yourself"
Hard 2 Obtain demos '92 to '95
King Tee-IV
Blood Of Abraham-"Future Profits"
2nd to None
The Nonce-"World Ultimate"
The Dirty Dozen-anything pre-'95
Saafir-"Boxcar Sessions"
Beneath The Surface compilation
Mellow E-"Needles and Pins"
Blahzay Blahzay-"Blah.Blah,Blah"
The Alkaholiks-"21 and over"/"The Next Level"
Jay-Z-"In My Lifetime Vol. 1"-'94(Payday Records)
Brand Nubian-"All For One"(Allah U Akbar single)
Atban Klann-"Grass Roots"
Bahamadia-"3 The Hard Way"
The Genius-"Words From The Genius"
Punchline and Wordsworth-Lyricist Lounge circa-96
Boogiemonsters-"God Sound"
Guru presents-"Ill Kid Records"
Big Shug-"Crush"
Kurious-"The Constipated Monkey"
Brooklyn Zoo-"Masters Of The "Zoo"iverse"
8 Off-"Peach Cognac"
Lost Boys-"Renee"
Brick City Kids-"What,What"
Royal Flush-"Worldwide"(Keenans' song in Mouse)
Aceyalone-"All Balls Don't Bounce"
O.G.C.-"Da Storm"
Saul Williams-"Black Hole Styles"
Gangstarr-"Doe In Advance/The ? Remainz"-'94
A.T.C.Q-"Oh My God!"(maxi-single feat "Know Naim"(Jeron Wilsons song from "Goldfish"-94)

feel free to add your own shit.....this is just some stuff in my collection....I didn't mention any early Hiero but...they get some props.

KMD - Mr. Hood
KMD - Black Bastards
Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World
Redman - Whut? Thee Album
Redman - Dare iz a Darkside
Hard 2 Obtain - Ism & Blues
Lord Finesse - Funky Technican
Lord Finesse - Return Of The Funky Man
B.D.P. - Edutainment
Mad Skillz - From Where???

schoolly D- Am i black enough for you ?
                  -Smoke some kill
                  -How a black man feels
Geto Boys-Geto boys
                - We can't be stopped
                 - Till Death do us apart
Scarface- Mr scarface is back
Bushwick Bill-Little big man & Phantom of the rapra
EPMD -Buisness as usual
Ultramagnetic mcs -Critical Beatdown
                             -Funk your head up
                             -The basment tapes
Tim Dog -Penicillin on wax
Ganksta N-I-P-The South Park Psycho
N.W.A-straight outta Compton
Hijack -the horns of Jericho
The Alkaholiks-21 and over
X-Clan-To the east backwards