Author Topic: wiping your butt  (Read 182706 times)

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Re: wiping your butt
« Reply #600 on: April 06, 2021, 11:24:20 PM »
its not wiping, but, if any y'all don't know the trick to stop dick leak after taking a leak, I learned recently and will share.

After pissing, press up under the ballsack, the perineum, and any leftover piss that might normally leak down your pant leg or leave a piss mark, either shoots right out into the can or gets sucked back in. No more shaking and still leaking. As a commando, this shit has been a game changer.


holy shit, i cannot wait to try this! this is the bane of my existence and i never knew if everybody was dealing with this or if my piss zone was broken. i've been having to dab myself dry with toilet paper which just makes me feel like i don't know how to piss. i hope this is works.
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