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Wasn't aware street decks were so wide in 92, I know wheels were small as hell, but what was the average width? I was only 4 years old in 1992, so I have no recollection of that time period.
Between 9.25" and 8.5", very smallest was an 8.25" and that was getting really small. :P
Average wheelbase on those decks was 13.75"-14.25".
1993 really spawned the smaller decks, and by the end of 1993/winter 94 I was riding a Consolidated 7.25" deck.
Wheels also went up a little bit around then too (51mm wow big!), specially up on the North East Coast , but companies made some of their smallest wheels around then too, UFO wheels made down to 32mm! (a bearing itself is 25mm)
Back then shit changed virtually overnight, and just kept changing for a few years. Shit hasn't changed much gear wise since right after then, decks and wheels just got bigger and smaller and back and forth about 15 times. Skateboarding can never make up it's mind.
It's funny, minus the smaller wheelbases of then, yesterdays street decks have become todays old mans bowl and pool decks.
It's pretty funny when you think about it because all the ramp guys then hated the gear that was coming out, and now it's the shapes they go for. Personally, I like it all, from pigs to popsicles - they're all are rad, I just love skateboarding and will skate everything I can w/ 4 wheels on it. It's all fuckin fun! I don't hate any era of skateboarding.
Anyways, found some old 1992 catalog pics for ya, enjoy!  :)

By summer of 1993 shit got really small all around - look here...
Summer 1993 California Cheap Skates (a.k.a. - CCS)
Winter 1993 California Cheap Skates -