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Raised By Suess-Face The Music
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:38:00 PM »
I stumbled across this tonight and decided to post it for some of you that have looking for it for years.enjoy.

Scott Johnston 411 version. I have a different version of this on tape...but not this one.

Here you go.

Ben Throttle

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Re: Raised By Suess-Face The Music
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2009, 09:19:29 PM »
Damn, if there's some way in hell you could post that tape i'de be forever grateful
i thought i was the only one who bruised people with my cum, save it up for about two weeks and release the blast.


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Re: Raised By Suess-Face The Music
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2009, 09:31:16 PM »
I'll try...I slacked super hard making dubs of it for people....I am going to ask my friend Max to help me upload the songs I do have on youtube....there are seriously only a handful of people who have anything from this group...the original DAT got destroyed. I do have the San Jose metrospective song but it cuts off into the 3rd verse....but it's still about 3 minutes long... I have about 6 songs. Until then, I hope this will do.

By the way....the ep is called One More Week till Supper.
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