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the mumlers
« on: September 10, 2009, 01:22:59 PM »
aside from the fact that i'm friends with the singer and main songwriter in the mumlers, will sprott, they are truly one of the coolest bands i've heard in a long time. i've known will for more than a decade-- he was jerry hsu's best friend when they were kids, used to skate with him a decent amount. anyhow, the music is kind of old time blues/r&b meets tom waits with a bunch of other weirdness thrown in, real unique. we did an interview with them in the mag and will have another one for the site coming soon, but for now check out this email i got from will:

itunes is doing a promo deal on our new record where it's super cheap for a while. apparently having people write reviews on the itunes site is important so if you could take a second to go to this link & say something nice & give us FIVE STARS!!! ... we would appreciate it greatly... tell your friends to do the same!

if you want to hear the whole record before you say something nice you can hear it all here: