Author Topic: I owe so much to skating  (Read 378 times)

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I owe so much to skating
« on: March 16, 2023, 10:55:31 AM »

Just a quick story I want to get off my chest. I owe so so fucking much to skateboarding. I started around 3 years ago, when I had a ton of time in the pandemic and ever since then I didn't stop, going 5-6 days a week. It showed me my own city in a way I have never experience it before, welcomed me in one of the best communities I've ever been in and it just keeps on giving. Landing that first kickflip, jumping down that first 3 stair, and the countless hours spent out in the sun with good homies is just something I can't thank this piece of wood enough for. Of course there were shitty sessions but in the end I just always tried to have fun and there is always something I can find that little happiness in. It has shaped my personality in a way that I never would have thought it will. Showed me that if I really want something and work for it every day I for sure can get that shit done, let it be a kickflip or let it be my comp. sci degree. Learning about the different skate cultures in different cities is such a great thing too. Just recently been to Bordeaux based on a fuckin'  Leo Valls interview I saw like 2 years ago and boy it was one of my best trips to date. Even here on Slap the community is so great and I love to nerd out on the little details of boards, shoes etc. Watching skate parts now has become a daily habit and I've been reading a lot of the mags I can get my hands on too.

Thank you skateboarding :)

(this is Casey Foley doing his thing in Adelaide)

Tom Pearl

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Re: I owe so much to skating
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2023, 05:18:20 PM »
same, i'd be strung out on drugs, in prison or possibly dead if it wasn't for skating. its seriously all i've ever cared about