Author Topic: Big Boards 9"+( I wanna hear big boys talk about their big boards)  (Read 409838 times)

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The ACE 77 would fit nicely as well and not be too gigantic.
215ís are fun but limiting.
The 169ís will sit in a bit but be fine.

Ace Classic 66s would work as well.

I have a Natas 10" board with 215s and I agree they're limiting. Love them as trucks for using it as a cruiser, but for skating in a pool, sizing down to 169's felt best.

The DD board is my favourite shape. I have ridden up to 20 of them in the last 2.5 years and I always had the ace classic 66s on it. Simply perfect for the board


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First post, but Iíve gotta sayóreading through this thread has been super educational. I didnít know squat about wheelbase or truck geometry or anything, so thanks to everyone posting their knowledge.

I just bought a Dead Dave 10.1Ē (itís coming in the mail) and I have a question about trucks n wheels. The DD appears to be pretty wide down the whole length, rather than tapered or fishy shaped, but Iím hoping can still make my Indy 169s work with the right wheels. Do you think 169s w the fat-ass Powell dragons will be sufficient? Thanks OMC

I have a Dead Dave on Ace 77s right now but ran 169s on it before. Depending on which dragons you get they shouldn't magic carpet too bad especially if you run a few washers inside. I was thinking about getting some of the dragon formula rat bones to replace my cruiser wheels, I think those plus 3 washers inside would work great for your DD 169 setup.

Mutant with Ace 77s and Spitfire Full Conicals is what I've been skating for the last 6 months or so and I'm absolutely loving it. The 9.5 axle is perfect for big boards and I can still pop/flip my board just fine.
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