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travel to china
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:50:43 PM »
However, he will not give up on Barak's tune, he wants his own way to cultivate Barak!

Fortunately, after a few days before Barak evening conversation, Yang Cheng also expressed the conviction, and now even more so Tim Yang Cheng Hank Barak made in training to a higher difficulty, diamond moves!

Many people think that the core of the triangle tactical football tactics, but there are drawbacks triangle, nfl jerseys from china,that is, control of the region, while the diamond looks like two triangles, a positive and negative, is worth studying, but Yang Cheng clearly know, diamond space on the floor to open up and control is more flexible than a triangle.

Triangle moves already as people too much, and the diamond is more complicated moves, the players vision and ability to read the game has a higher level of requirements, but Yang Cheng believes that Barak must be competent.

However, nfl football jerseys ,although the team moves rhombus tactics great help, but it will not be destined to appear in the television cameras that the protagonist, because TV broadcast always chasing the ball, but the people have diamond moves a departure from the ball.

Of course, Yang Cheng Ballack set to the position of the front court, if he really developed, it certainly will not be too low-key, after all, Yang Cheng's aim is to maximize the potential of digging out his attack, but also keep him in the front court that a powerful impact, and rear plug offensive capability, and even his frontcourt defensive ability.

That is why, when Yang Cheng evening Barak promised to him to develop around Chemnitz two tactical!

"But I have a hunch, he was born is when the core material!" Yang Cheng added a last smile.

Paul Beyer stunned for a moment, but soon smiled and nodded in silence, apparently recognize the judgment of Yang Cheng

Fulda is located in Chemnitz, about 300 kilometers west of the journey, if it is in the past, should be the West German border cities. nfl jerseys from china,,

Town population, only 60,000 people, but it is a rather important transportation hub city.

Yang Cheng and Paul Beyer in Leipzig parted ways, and then in Leipzig by train west, get off at Fulda.

The city is only a football club, professional level is very low, and more are some of the part-time players, now consorting Black Forest region in the fourth level league, which is a regional league.

In the end is a small town, Wholesale Coach Handbags,small in size, you want to find only a football club, it is not a difficult task.

And all of the amateur teams, Fulda's stadium is very bad, the venue, the stands have become extremely worn, although nominally a second team, but in fact even a team of staff are uneven, two teams even more Needless to say, a miserable few small players have nothing else playing football.

Yang Cheng had also want to dress up a little bit, but wait until he came to the scene immediately after the find did not need, because nothing else surrounded everywhere, sitting beside chat site people, apparently not Fulda Club exclusion of these people are free to watch their training.