Author Topic: The reason of trip is simple,  (Read 483 times)

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The reason of trip is simple,
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:52:14 PM »
Twilight time, some people began to come to the stadium is located south of the city and the training field, but they are sitting in the stands more cool air from time to time you can see the couple falling in love in here.

Yang Cheng saw this one scene, the hearts smile, Nfl jerseys china, West Germany and East Germany is different, at least here you can see love!

They gradually began to have the players came to the scene, do not set it lined up just a little warm-up, and then open practice in twos and threes, most of them are from the city of Fulda players, usually also have their own work, but training in the afternoon after work get together, playing a dozen amateur Bale.

Read a full half an hour or so, Yang Cheng had tragedy found no Fulda turned out to be a head coach of the team, Wholesale Coach Handbags,the players are the spontaneous nature of the play, no tactics at all, But see, they all played very happy.

Stands on the audience's attention does not seem to play on, more of them are doing their own thing, and even there an old lady who lived nearby, in the stands picking up some of the vegetables rotten leaves, then readily thrown aside.

See this pair of scenes, Yang Cheng finally understand why the super coach auxiliary system will determine, where the players must be willing to join Chemnitz, Chemnitz is because at least second division teams. Cheap coach purses,

Did not find themselves looking for, Yang Cheng sitting in the stands and waited, intend to wait until the end of the training of these players, and then ask the situation in the past, nothing else will open the super coach auxiliary systems.

Yang Cheng are too busy these days, and almost every day one to the house on Mengtoutaishui, there is no free time to properly sort out these days harvest.

Until now, he just completed a task, that is, Jerseys for cheap,win public support, but the strange thing is that this is only an achievement points reward task, but gave him two achievement points reward.

The reason is simple, this task is accomplished can be repeated!

That is, when he let Tim Hank for his favorability increased to 70 points, when he completed the task, get an achievement points, but the task was not over, and if there is a second person on his team favorability of 70 points, he will automatically receive an achievement points.

Yang Cheng is the case now, but he does not know is that Hank squad in addition to Tim, there whom his favorability reach 70 points?