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I am guider
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:53:53 PM »
This problem keep a long time, but did not want to understand, it is a headache!

Open Barak scouts information bar, which has some of the attributes Barak, even after a period of training, Barak has indeed been little progress, the strength has reached 120, nfl jerseys china, a few days increased five points, but the property but there is no increase, it seems that five points is not enough to let him get progress by leaps and bounds.

But it is no wonder if you can just click on the Gifted made great progress, and that the world is too easy to cultivate a superstar!

Look a bit favorability, Barak Yang Cheng favorability only pitiful 15, estimates that night or the impact of some conversation, otherwise, should now be negative.

Browse other players in the squad for a moment, wholesale nfl jerseys,, as the past few days there have been players leaving the team can not stand the current squad only 21 players, but there are 19 players on the Yang Cheng favorability is negative, that is, They even up to now, are still cursing the Yang Cheng.

For this, Yang Cheng Mozhe, people's psychology is people's things, he can bugger, but he is confident that, until the official start of the race, he will be able to allow these people to him completely changed.

The favorability is a positive number of players, in addition to a Barak, the other one is called the Louis Huth, a 17 year-old young central defender, strength 78, potential 108, Yang Cheng remember this player, very general, physical tall and strong, speed in general, defense in general, technology in general, nfl jerseys cheap,,and consequently very general.

But is this the same as a player on the Yang Cheng favorability stunned reached 45 points.

"My God, this guy would not be a masochist, right?" Yang Cheng funny muttering.

But he clearly remember, in training, but this Louis Huth often punished, it seems his teammate's position is also very bad, often subjected to bullying, coupled with his general level of play, so the Yang Cheng inverted before did not mind.

"It seems really should go back after a good talk to him!"

Timely icing on the cake is easier than to win the favor, and now after seeing Yang Cheng favorability squad players generally negative circumstances, wholesale jerseys from china,,the sudden appearance of this wonderful work, we naturally have to be more careful of.

But he also knows my heart, like Louis Huth such players, the top of the day only in the second division league bully, maybe also may not be able to play regularly, he is bound to this life can not become that type of player Michael Ballack .

May be regarded as such, Yang Cheng still want to talk to him, at least in his opinion, those data can not be representative of the cold football everything!

He then went to get a little shop system.

As the name implies, authentic nhl jerseys,, shop system is selling some special system of goods and services, for example, allows the players in the next one to two years, the growth rate increased strength reel, this reel is based on a multiple effect and duration to calculate, for example, five times within two years to maintain the growth rate, but need 50 achievement points, within a year, then they are only 25 achievement points, if multiple tone a little less, the corresponding achievement points will consume less.

But within a year of at least doubling the growth rate should consume 5 achievement points.

Another medical reel, the reel can heal the player's injury, but the specific consumption of achievement points depends on the player's injury severity, as well as the length of the recovery period.