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come to teach
« on: July 25, 2013, 12:46:19 AM »
He looked out the back, Yang Cheng Deere Smit shocked that in an assertive, but also gratuitous want to see, in the end this can even be said to be arrogant Chinese kid can give Tim lifeless open Leibniz bring.
After 30 minutes, before the start of training
Yang Cheng standing in front of two players, authentic jerseys from china,,hands clutching a sheaf of head from his inner tube out of the office Smit Deere complaint letter, grasping in his hand, occasionally patting thighs.
See, there are a lot of players a team to see these letters of complaint, and my heart empty, and are wondering, how will these gadgets hands head coach? Does he get the trust confided Deere, Mr. Schmidt?
Yang Cheng put a stack of complaint letters with his right hand lifted, sweeping the first page, no name, turn down the second page, or no name, breath turned a few pages, all with no name.
"My God, you who can tell me that those who wrote a letter of complaint? Do not even have a name, is really a group of cowards!"
This helped down the players, cheap authentic jerseys, and all of a bowed his head, and only Barak held high, his face without fear.
"If I were to write a letter of complaint, I will write his name, because that could prove my determination, but also can increase the weight to this complaint letter, but unfortunately, I do not see the name, so I will these as a prank, very boring, very stupid prank! "
Said, when Yang Cheng even directly into the hands of complaint letters thrown through the air, not look one.
Letter of complaint from the air like snowflakes general sway down and ended up more than half the training field are!
"In my opinion, there is no complaints authority coward, cowardly, even against people who is not qualified, you only submissive, so I'm sorry to announce that you cowardly little children, today's training volume doubling time-invariant ! "
Word, so that the presence of all the players are devastated, everyone could not help crying, because they know that the time constant doubling the amount of training, authentic nfl jerseys,which was tantamount to asking them to life!
Can be chosen, they are in front of Yang Cheng, really no power to resist even a little bit!
Yang Cheng does not give them the opportunity to plead directly turned away, but this time, he did not see himself behind, do not know when it is clearly not the club stood a staff member of the German middle-aged
"Who is that man, Tim?" By training time, Yang Cheng Couguo ask Tim Hank.
Tim noticed on the sidelines this time more than one person, immediately shines, "Paul Beyer, the former East Germany's famous striker, currently in Chemnitz city center runs a sporting goods store in Chemnitz have a great influence on the club before inviting black Grosvenor most preferred coach is his. "
"Oh?" Yang Cheng a, nfl jerseys wholesale,got a little more than a curious glance, just Paul Beyer also over here, smile and nodded toward the Yang Cheng, the latter can only polite response.
"He looks much older!" Yang Cheng said casually, in his opinion, there is not Paul Beyer coaching experience.
"You do not see what you are only 23 years old?" Tim is very rare top a bit.
See, he is very respected for Paul Beyer, let Yang Cheng underestimate him!

"That's why he did not come to teach?" Yang Cheng strange question.

According to his opinion, Coach Purses outlet,the sporting goods store is good, but if we act as the head coach of Chemnitz, it is not complement each other?

"Do not know, just know that he and Mr Smit Deere relationship better, when he told Mr Smit Deere, says his character is not suitable as a head coach, who knows?"

Maybe they are afraid of Yang Cheng underestimate Paul Beyer, he immediately followed by another chase added, "but I always felt that if Paul Beyer as coach, he will become East Germany's most outstanding coach, more than Black Hafner! "