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Chapter 11
« on: July 07, 2018, 08:49:03 AM »
Chapter 11

 When I did Community service with a sales rep of Aesthetics.

 Well I did some shit got caught tagging in early  2000 and had to pay a fat fine and do 250 hours Community Service.

 Ended up going from del mar all the way up to about half way up to Sacramento
 Painting walls and picking up trash and other shit
 With A bunch of low life's and raver style taggers and a sales rep of Aesthetics
 That gave a grip stickers and random used gear out his Trunk in the mornings before we would go out to do Community service
 New people would come and go on the regular to serve community service
 One day we got this short hair goth / raver / 90es pop /2000 lost fuck style chick with short short pink hair come in to do Community service that had her grandmother bring her in always to double check if she was going to serve her community service.
  Bitch always was wearing a dumb logo half cut tees
With like Needles or nails or some lame ass thing on it but she had big titts and a nice body.
  One day she was out smoking when the dude of Aesthetics was emptying out his trunk and she came up right next to my ass as the dude from Aesthetics was handing me and other people around stuff she was like u got any wristbands or anything cool ?
 He looked in his trunk and was like naw but He pulled out a tee with sleeves cut off and found one of the sleeves that was cut off and she grabbed the cut off sleeve and put it around her head and I guess feel in love but only in her head with him ..
 Like how dumb bitches fall in love in there dumb little brain head with bad boys.

 Community service started and we had to do some papper work and she was still was like trying to talk to the guy from Aesthetics and holler to hook up  shit was like just her talking about how she likes to pop X and smoke weed and drink and go out and do dumb shit..

  And class was starting and we had to take alittle text about Community service shit...
 And she was digging thru her purse and the instructor was like what are u doing she was like she's looking for a pen witch she wasn't
She was putting all her shit all out on the table pack of smokes and some old make up
 Rolling papers all that shit and then she was o shit fuck yeah out loud and she was like found it and then yelled out to the Aesthetics guy here this is the event dude this shits tight as fuck ..
 Everybody heard her and it was like a 4 inc. by 3 inc. high lighter like pink paper with one color black inc on it  flyer to some raver show with it saying 3 days only ,, 3 days ,,..
With like Aliens on it 👽 totally smoked out style font fuck job show 3 days only / she was this shit is dope as fuck I get so fucked up here and the instructor was like wtf in his head and was like to her like bitch .. But not bitch out loud but was yo but in his owe way like we need to talk outside she ended getting thrown out of that class of Community service and that was about it but on the last day she was waiting outside for the  Aesthetics dude but he wasn't there that day my last day finishing community service and I just left I don't know what happen to her but for the half of a week she was there she was pretty Fried talking about X and how how she loved doing drugs and popping pills
 Bitch was fried but but she had big titts but was like the type you can tell would go down hill fast fuck ,.,,..

 Idk what happen I just got the fuck out there serve my community service and dipped

 I did tho fuck up a good pair of Osiris Smolik O.D.S"es
  It was 2000 fuck that's what u wearing then I fuck those up painting walls with grey paint doing that Community service up and down
 Del mar to about Sacramento...
 Fuck it

 Least I'm not the Fried bitch ...

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Re: Chapter 11
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So nothing happened? Did I miss something? No fucking?


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Re: Chapter 11
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1-2-3 you know Stan a G,,
He know this slap game like he know his A-B-C,,s..,.


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Re: Chapter 11
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good build up, but wheres the ending...
You got questions? Ask me like a fucking man. You know my Insta.


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Re: Chapter 11
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Thanks yet again Stan. Your story is like Slap's personal Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.