Author Topic: What is the most boring skate video have you ever watched  (Read 13459 times)

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Re: What is the most boring skate video have you ever watched
« Reply #90 on: December 03, 2012, 09:12:07 PM »
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opinion was the first skate video I ever bought on DVD. and i fucking loved it! Chetty Thomas' part is edited very oddly indeed, even by early 2000's video standards. Loved Jayme Fortune, G-Gonz and Ryan Kenreich parts in that vid.

And to whoever said Pretty Sweet was boring, regardless of your personal opinions on either the editing or tricks on screen, I would hardly call it boring for a skate video. My eyes were constantly on the screen for fear of missing one of the many 'jokes', funny shots or little pieces of special effects wizardry in between tricks and parts. It is anything BUT boring in my opinion.

Thank fuck someone else mentioned Tent City, I sat through it once and never again. It really wasn't worth the time at all.

And Good and Evil! What??? That video is one of the finest Toy Machine videos of all time!!

While I will say that I've watched Opinion a million times and it holds a special place in my heart, talking shit on Tent City, and calling Good and Evil "what of the finest Toy Machine videos of all time" is dangerously foolish.

I would argue Good and Evil is one of Toy's finest videos of all time not because the skating was mind blowing, but if you take that video in context it is up there.  It was Toy's first video after a long period where Toy seemed to be on life support and also the only original member was Ed in Good and Evil.  So it was a huge gamble of a lot of less known skaters and an aging Ed in a vid and shit Toy pulled it off.

but yeah one vid I own and can never finish is Almost Round 3
i like good & evil a lot,this vid rules

and almost r3 is not that bad for me,song's part was pretty impressed.