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Formal presentation
« on: August 08, 2020, 01:12:20 AM »
Hi to all, this is not spam intentionally, just information for filmers and skateboarding enthusiast.

I've been developing the platform for more than 15 years, it had other names in the past (producciones2c, patinencomun, skatebtc,... ) but must be the last one. Complete history is available in spanish:

Platform/WebApp/App features:

Video deinterlacing feature: We use it to convert any video PAL or NTSC to 50 / 60 fps footage and it looks very good. Some examples:
- No more pixelated VX footage.
- No more drop quality and frames with PAL / NTSC footage.

Video part feature: Any user can create a video part from already uploaded video without upload anything (just set start time, end time and tilte and description).
- No more reupload and reencoding loosing quality.

Cookies free: No data tracking cookies of google or facebook (expcept if you use it for log in...), no ads, no google analitics tracking... no shit, just skateboarding.

Special player with Repeat button (repeat last trick) and other features. Available for embed:
Code: [Select]
<div style="position:relative;padding-bottom:75%;height:0;overflow:hidden"><iframe name="10610" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%" allowfullscreen src=""></iframe></div><br>Autor: <a href="" title="Transworld Skateboarding">Transworld Skateboarding</a>
Android APP (google play) and iOS PWA (add to home screen app) are available.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Thank you and Happy Skateboarding.
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