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« Last post by Allen. on Today at 03:17:19 PM »
I've been making videos since 2010 and I went to HD in 2015, made two HD videos with a DSLR and some iPhone footage at the highest possible quality for a second angle, and decided to go VX at the beginning of this year. I had never owned a VX/MK1, just a Baby Death and a GL2... and while I do miss how much more convenient the record button on the handle was with the GL2, I quickly realized all that hyperbole about how filming with one just feels right. I thought it would feel just like a GL2. It should. It doesn't. Something about the weight of the camera just feels right. The only thing I'm not going to be down with is capturing tapes again. I looked up this bizarre method of Frankensteining a memory card to the VX, which you'd then capture off of. This seems appealing until you realize it's only saving you from glitches caused from the tapes, and that you'd essentially be filming while holding onto the original gameboy and a cord connecting the two. I'm happy with my decision thus far.

Something about HD filming just slows skating down just slightly, it's almost imperceptible.
If Sony wanted to cater to this Niche market they'd reverse engineer a VX to film the exact same way, but without tapes. Still 4:3, still grainy, still SD, just no tapes, no heads to all.
« Last post by Seadramon on Today at 03:16:35 PM »
Probably just flow - whattya think?

6:00 & 6:28

WHATEVER / Re: Things You Pondered Today
« Last post by straight on Today at 03:14:10 PM »
wonder if jason lee and gonz are still friends and who has more money
I'd be so into an Elwood reunion tour.
Go to a shop

$30 shop deck (8.25 - 8.5) with a 14.25 or 14.5 wheelbase
$40 indy's (144 - 149) You might as well start him out on indy's.
$35 Bones STF 54mm V5
$20 Indpendent Black Bearings (Or save $ and get mini logo for $10 - With the long term goal to get swiss 6)
$3 shop hardward

$128 plus tax. The shop is hyped, and so is your friend.
MUSIC / Re: australian music/bands apreesh
« Last post by Paco Supreme on Today at 03:08:12 PM »
I go through a Grinspoon kick once a year

Shoes & Gear / Re: Post UPCOMING/RECENT shoe releases thread
« Last post by homehelpsearch on Today at 03:08:06 PM »
Quit posting insta links tate! They're often deleted/take way too long to load.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Jon Allie stories?
« Last post by coyote2425 on Today at 03:07:23 PM »
When I lived in San Diego we always had a big dinner for Thanksgiving and everyone would bring something to contribute. He came to it one year and brought a literal shoebox full of stuffing. I didn't even know who he was at the time someone just told me who he was after he left. This was probably around 2000.

What a weird topic and it's even weirder that I would have an actual contribution.

was the stuffing any good?

Did he kickflip into the stuffing?
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Jack Olson Knows Thunder
« Last post by roomservice on Today at 03:06:31 PM »
Jesus Christ his skating is unfuckwithable

Jack if you're reading this, read the following words carefully:

Lizard king...worshipping satan
Yaje Popson...obsession with avocados
Jeff his loveletters
Jim Greco...weirdest fucking outfits
MJ...self-proclaimed "lover of knowledge" dilettante
Weck...calling out bullshit for a higher standard of professional skateboarding
Suciu...went to college in the middle of his career, presents himself as well-read and articulate
Terry Kennedy...everything he said in baker 3

The skateboarding industry isn't just about skateboarding. Pick a gimmick of your own and make yourself marginally more rememberable/marketable. Stir up SOMETHING. Pick something with neutral direct consequences, don't go stealing Nick Merlino's laptop or Daryl Angel'ing people. It will benefit you greatly.
Send him a box.
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